Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seriously Distracted

I know that its only Tuesday, but I have sooooo much to do before going back to MN/WI for a wedding this weekend.  I am my last class to get my Master's degree and our work for the week is due on Sunday.  The only problem is that we are leaving CO on Thursday morning and not coming back until Monday.  I do have a laptop and plan on bringing it with, but what the odds that I will seriously have any time to work on class work.  I am thinking slim to none. 

I have to write this incredibly boring literature review to turn in on Sunday.  I have already searched for my articles, reviewed the articles, and organized the material into themes so that it will hopefully flow nicely.  Yes, it may sound like a lot of the work is done, but that was really the easy part.  Now I have to worry about my "voice" in the paper, the real organization, word choice, correct citations, blah blah blah. I am honestly being very childish because I just don't feel like writing!  I really don't have anything going on tonight (besides maybe watching the MN Twins game) but I can write and keep an ear open at the same time. 

I could wait until tomorrow to work on this, but tomorrow I have to go to the doc to check out the babies..... its the Level II ultrasound where they measure EVERYTHING so the ultrasound alone will take 2 hours and then we will meet with the doc to go over the results.  So if no one is late or takes too long we will be at the doc for 2 1/2 hours.  After that I need to go to Target and buy some laundry soap so that I can wash my clothes.  I also need to try on some different options for this wedding and actually decide on something to wear because I am only bringing a carry-on luggage.  I would really like to get a pedicure before going too.  I have such big ugly feet that I feel I always need to have pretty polished toes with a cute flower of some sort so that I don't look like Bigfoot in my size 10 shoes.  Last but not least, tomorrow I need to actually get some sleep! We have a very early flight and I don't want to wreck our 1st day in MN on Thursday by being super tired and cranky. 

Ok, well now that I've proved that I know how to type, I suppose I have no excuses left for why I shouldn't be typing my paper.

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