Sunday, June 5, 2011


Every day I am feeling the babies kicking/punching/head-butting me more and more.  I only seem to be feeling the twin that hangs out on the right side though.  Sometimes I feel some movement on the left side down low on my belly, so I guess that one just hangs out there.  Also, I think that I remember the doctor saying that one of my placentas is at the front of my uterus and one is at the back, so the twinkie on the side of the one at the front wouldn't be able to kick me as much because he/she would just be kicking the placenta instead. 

I was worried about that at first, but when I went in last week both hearts were beating away and everything was all good.  I wasn't supposed to go in until Wed. but I was having some strange pains in my lower belly and wanted to check things out.  I am honestly scared to death of pre-term labor and have never been in labor before so I wanted to make sure the babies were fine.  They also checked my cervix to make sure that it was long and it seems to be holding steady at about 4.6cm which I was told is a great number. 

Basically, the doc told me to drink more water.  Seems obvious, but I find myself having to make a conscious effort to actually drink more water.  I bought a Britta water pitcher and a new water bottle to make it easier, but all it seems to do is make me pee more often which is super annoying.   Oh well, I guess thats a small price to pay for having two healthy babies.

Only 3 more sleeps until I find out what they are!! I can't wait!!!

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