Monday, July 18, 2011

Lots of Updates! (And Pictures!!)

A week ago Friday (July 8th) I had a growth ultrasound and meeting with the doctor.  I couldn't be happier that the babies are doing fantastic!! Baby A was measuring 1lb 13oz with a HB of 158 and Baby B was measuring 1lb 15 oz with a HB of 143.  Last time Baby B was measuring smaller than Baby A, but they said that their weight estimates can be off by up to half of a pound. I also passed my glucose test! YAY! But, I am anemic so I have to take iron pills.

I go back in this Thursday for a simple cervix check (my cervix was still long at the last appt, but it was opening up slightly) and then I go back for another growth ultrasound on August 5th along with a NST (non stress test) where they measure the movement for each baby for about an hour. 

Saturday I got on a plane and flew back to Minnesota to see friends and family as well as attend two amazing baby showers hosted by my fabulous sister!!  Her house was not big enough to accommodate 30 people, so that's why she decided to have two.

 The first shower was Sunday afternoon and included many friends as well as family from my mom's side.  Two of my friends made a 5 hour drive (each way!) just to be there!!  It really meant a lot to me that they could make it..... especially since I haven't seen one of them in over three years!

I can't believe the generosity of everyone who came to the showers..... all of the gifts were great, and so thoughtful! We are so fortunate to have so many people who care about us and the babies!

This is my aunt Ginny and I at the shower

Monday I had some down time since my sister had to work so I spent most of the day with my brother and sister-in-law and their two boys.  It was really nice to just hang out and catch up!  I can't believe how big their boys are getting (they are 9 and 5.)  We went out and ate at a super yummy Chinese Buffet and then went to the older one's baseball playoff game that evening (which they won!)
He even got to pitch!

Tuesday my brother, sister and I went and visited my grandma at her new house.  Since I live in Colorado I haven't been able to see her house since she moved in a couple months ago.  We had to drive about an hour and a half to get there, but it was nice to spend time with my siblings..... My brother lives in Pennsylvania now so its rare that the three of us all get to spend time together.

Wednesday was the day for my second baby shower.  My sister and I spent most of the day getting ready for the shower... cooking, cleaning, running errands, etc.  I can't believe how much work it is to have people over!!!  The shower went off without a hitch.  This one had all of my dad's side of the family.  It was so nice to see everyone!!  Like I said earlier, Brian and I are so SO fortunate to have friends and family that care about our family!  I am the first grandchild on this side of the family to have kids, so maybe that makes people extra excited for us! =)

The guests at the shower

This is me opening gifts with my sister on the right

The gift I am holding is "Anti Monkey Butt Powder!" SO Awesome!

Thursday I spent hanging out with my brother and his friends.  My mom had to leave early in the morning to go study for her Anatomy and Physiology Final Exam she had that day (And that she got an A on! GO MOM!) so my brother came to my rescue and kept me company.  My mom and sister are vegetarians and I was craving some meat so my brother took me to Dairy Queen for a cheeseburger. Yummmmm. After a nice day hanging out my mom took me to the airport and I went back to Colorado!

I had a great visit!! The next time I am back in MN I will have babies.. how crazy is that!

I also have some baby bump pictures from today (26weeks 5 days)

I really don't feel as big as I look here! Maybe its an optical illusion =)

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