Monday, August 8, 2011

29 Week Ultrasound

I have been going in every 4 weeks for a growth ultrasound to make sure that the babies are growing appropriately.  Last Wednesday when I went in the babies were doing great!! Baby A is now 3lbs 3oz with a heart rate of 168 and Baby B is now 3lbs 6oz with a heart rate of 154.  They are around the 60th-70th percentile as far as weight and are measuring about a week ahead.  The Ultrasound Tech also did a biophysical profile.... she looked at how they are breathing and moving around and everything looked fine there too!  Baby A is still breech and baby B is transverse (sideways.) So, hopefully Baby A will flip around OR Baby B will get lower than Baby A so she would come out first.  I'm not totally opposed to a c-section, but I would really rather not get cut open.  I hear the recovery time is longer and you aren't supposed to lift anything for a while which would be pretty difficult with twins.  My cervix is also longer than last time... it was right around 5cm.... I didn't know that could happen! 

I will be 30 weeks on Wednesday and that means only 8 weeks or less until I get to meet these girls!!! The weeks are flying by!

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