Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School!

Yesterday was out "official" day to go back to school.  We had a district wide meeting and then some time to work in our classrooms.  It was really nice to see everybody that I haven't seen since the last school year!! And there was lots of oogling over my belly which I actually kinda liked =) 

On the downside, I haven't really been sleeping well.  I've been struggling with Restless Leg Syndrome at night ..... Yes, I  know it sounds like something silly but it really is no fun at all. 

Yesterday I had to leave work a little early to go to a doctor's appointment.  Baby A is still breech and Baby B is head down.  He said it would be a race to see which one is going to "drop" if Baby A still doesn't turn.  If Baby B comes out first a vaginal delivery is no problem, but if Baby A's little feet decide they want to come first, then its going to be a C-Section.  Also, I told the doc I wasn't feeling the best and he said he'd do a strep test super quick and give me some antibiotics so that if I don't feel better in a few days then I can take them.  Well, I left there forgetting to get my throat culture done and without the script for the antibiotics.  I seriously blame it on the pregnancy brain.  I am forgetting everything lately! So, I think I am going to call and get some antibiotics because I woke up today feeling even worse than I have been and I don't actually think I want to know if I have strep.  If I do, that would mean that I would potentially have to miss the first day of school and writing sub plans for that would be an absolute nightmare! 

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Rachel said...

I have been following your blog for awhile now, I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins myself. I know what you mean about the restless leg thing at night, it sucks!