Monday, September 5, 2011

33w2d ultrasound

Last Friday (before all of the craziness began) I had what may be my last ultrasound!!  I'm sure they might do one at the hospital when we go in to deliver, but I probably won't care as much about having pictures of the babies inside when I will be seeing them super soon!

Everything looked right on track with the babies! Baby A was measuring about 4lbs 13oz and Baby B was measuring 5lbs 6oz.  The tech seemed surprised that they were so big! I think baby A was in the 46th percentile for a singleton (and 50 is average) so for twins that's pretty good!  I was a little concerned that their weights are getting further and further apart but the doc said that their difference is perfectly normal. 

Baby A has been breech since about 20 weeks and Baby B has been head down for a while.  I didn't think that they had flipped and I was right.  Baby A's butt is literally right against my cervix which means that there is 0% chance of having a vaginal delivery.  I know a c-section isn't ideal, but I need to do whats best for the babies. 

I go in tomorrow for a non-stress test (NST) and follow up with the doctor.  I'm glad that I had made this appointment for Tuesday because if I wouldn't have I would have been going in anyways since I was in L&D this weekend.  I only got 5 pictures from the ultrasound but four of them are cute face pictures! The fifth one is a crotch shot of Baby B. I'm sure the girls will love having ultrasound pictures of their privates when they get older! LOL

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