Monday, January 2, 2012

Char & Evy's First Christmas!

We arrived in Minnesota on December 22nd and got to our hotel about 11 p.m.  We got in pretty late and then had to pick up diapers and wipes because I didn't have a lot of extra room to pack them in my suitcase.  When we got to the hotel there was no pack and play to be seen.  We had called the hotel on our way to make sure that they still had a pack and play available or else I would have gotten the one from my mom's house.  When we figured out that we still needed one, we asked the front desk guy at the hotel to get one for us.  Instead he brought us this

This is pretty much the scariest crib I have ever seen in my life!  The picture doesn't even show how crazy it looks and how unsafe it seems.  This is actually the second one he brought... the first one only had 3 wheels!  The girls slept in here for one night, but that was only because we had no other options.  The next couple of nights they actually slept in their carseats... and slept through the night! Three nights in a ROW!

On December 23rd, we just hung out at the hotel all day.  Everybody wanted to see the babies so we just stayed put and they came to us.  It was nice to have a relaxing day to just chill and see our friends and family members. Later that evening my sister, brother, his fiancee, Brian and I all got together for a drink!  My mom came to the hotel and watched the babies so that we could all get together and I must say it was nice to get out for a bit.

On Christmas Eve the girls and I went over to my  mom's house for our annual cookie baking day.  We usually make about 10 different types of cookies but this year I think we only made five!  The babies were a little distracting and everybody wanted to play with them instead of baking!  (Can you blame them?) =) 

Grandma put a silly hat on Charlotte

Rusty watching Charlotte

My mom an sister changing the girls' diapers!

Evy and Great-Grandma hanging out!

Charlotte and Uncle Charlie who is pretending to sleep

Charlotte and Auntie Kelsey

I guess I didn't take any pictures of the yummy cookies we baked because I was too busy playing with babies too! 

Later that night we went over to my grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas Eve dinner.  My mom made the girls the most fantastic dresses I have ever seen!  The girls were totally the best dressed at the party.

Evy (left) and Charlotte (right)

Charlotte (left) and Evy (right)

The girls got to meet their other great-grandparents too!  Evy (left) and Charlotte (right)

Charlotte (crying) and Evy (sleeping) with me and the great-grandparents

On Christmas day we spent time with Brian's family and my mom's side of the family.  I didn't get any pictures with my camera of the Christmas at Brian's parents house so I will have to add those later when someone e-mails them to me!

We went over to my mom's house for dinner on Christmas.  

Here is my mom with her grand babies wearing their beautiful dresses that she made for them!! 
Evy (left) and Char (right)

This is a four generations picture!  Charlie (top) and then from left to right Me, my mom with Evy, my grandma, and my sister Emily holding Charlotte
Oh, and Rusty, my mom's dog!

We came back to Denver the day after Christmas and the girls did great on the plane ride back!  They were a little bit more fussy on the way back, but didn't really cry too much. I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but when you have twins they don't let you sit in the same row!  There are only four oxygen masks in a row so they didn't allow the four of us to sit together plus another person in the row.  We did sit across from each other though so it was okay!

We got back safe and sound and were totally exhausted for the next two days.  Thank goodness the girls took a few naps so that Brian and I could get some much needed rest!  Overall, we had a great Christmas!

On a side note, Charlotte rolled over from her tummy to her back today (January 2nd!)  Evy is nowhere near rolling over... She pretty much just tries to eat the blanket she is laying on. She'll catch on soon!

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