Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Things People Say...

People say/ask the strangest things!  Brian and I have been taking the girls everywhere with us since they were probably about a week to ten days old.  I'm not sure what it is, but total strangers find babies to be an invitation to come up to you and ask whatever they feel like!  I thought it would be fun to write these things down before I forget!

"Are they twins?"  What else would they be????

"Are they a boy and a girl? Two girls?" (While they are all dressed in PINK and are wearing pink bunny hats!)  If you can't tell.... don't ask!!!

"Are they from the same parents?"  No..... I just borrowed one of them and got a double stroller for my friend's kid...

"Do you do it alone?" (Asking if I am a single mom.)  My mom and I took the girls to Home Depot to buy a toilet and I guess only single moms do this....? Seriously?

"Are they your babies too?"  During the same trip to Home Depot another lady asked if they were my mom's babies too! Geez people!
"Are they identical?"  This one I can see.... but if you look at them they look nothing alike.

"Are you nursing?"  I really don't know why people ask this question....  But, I usually get it from old ladies who want to tell me stories about how their kids never got sick because they nursed them........ its true I suppose.

"What are their names?"  Sometimes I think people ask this so that they don't have to ask if they are girls or not.  The response when I tell them is always, "Beautiful names!"  Then I wonder.. what were you expecting??

"Do twins run in the family?"  They do now!

"Did you have a c-section or vaginal delivery? Why?"  C-section.... Little Miss Charlotte wouldn't turn around!  But why do you want to know anyways?? Wanna see my scar? ha ha

"How old are they?"  When we first started going out people couldn't believe that we were taking 2 week old babies out of the house.  But I always said, "I need to get out of the house too!!"

"How big were they when they were born?"  People seem so shocked to hear that they were 7lbs and 6lbs 3oz.  Yes, that's 13lbs of babies people!!

"Can I touch them?"  A lady asked this as we were walking out of the Kohl's parking lot on Black Friday.  My response was, "Are your hands clean?" She said no.... haha then told me that her twins were 45 years old!

"Can I pet the babies?"  A little girl asked this yesterday while I was walking into the GAP.  LOL.  It was pretty cute.

"I'm a twin!"  Cool!

"Don't worry, it gets easier!"  They are great babies now so I can't imagine it getting any easier... I just hope it doesn't get any harder! ha ha

Yesterday Brian and I went to Target and to the mall for a little while.  I think about five twin moms came up and talked to me!  They are always so sweet!  Also, I think every twin mom has had the same double snap and go stroller.  LOL

People will also just look and oooh and ahhh as we are walking around the mall or a store.  They will be talking to their friends about how cute they are and not even say anything to me sometimes. Its awkward!

People will also talk about them in Spanish not knowing that I know what they are saying!  Yesterday a woman actually had her daughter translate for her because she wanted to tell me that they were beautiful.  It was very sweet.

That is all I can think of for now.  I'm going to the mall later today so maybe I will have some things to add to the list when I get home! LOL

In other news, the girls are 4 months old!!  They are getting so big its hard to believe.  They go for their 4 month appointment next Friday so I will update with their weights, etc. and their 4 month bear picture that I took last week.  They are starting to do amazing things lately.  Both of the girls can almost roll from their back to their tummy!  They get about 75% and then can't roll the rest of the way.  They are both also very chatty!  Evy has been "talking" for a while now and Charlotte just this week decided that she wanted to talk too.  Its just so darn cute!


Betsy Desmond said...

You missed the part at Home Depot when the lady asked you a few questions about them and then asked if they were my babies too =)

Jessica Anne said...

Ha! I forgot about that one. I added it =)