Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Months!!

It feels like I just wrote my 4 month post and here we are at 5 months! 

Evy & Char- 5 Months!

Things have been crazy busy lately.  Two weekends ago I took the girls to Minnesota (by myself!)  The plane ride could have been a total disaster but it was absolutely perfect.  It was actually way easier flying with two babies than I had imagined.  People were very helpful at the airport and getting through security so it was really no problem at all.  I got a lot of glares from people before I got on the plane that thought I was nuts traveling with them.  Many people in the airport asked if I was traveling alone and were pretty shocked when I said that I was.  I think they thought someone was going to mysteriously come out of the bathroom and join me or something. 

Charlotte rode in the car seat on the plane and Evy rode in my lap.  I sat next to a woman that said I looked like I needed a grandma to sit by me!  She even fed Evy at one point because I'm pretty sure she just wanted to hold one of the girls.  She told me all about her two grandchildren and smiled at Evy to help keep her happy on the way there.  I was very lucky that I got to sit by someone who actually liked kids.

Charlotte- passed out on the plane!

Evy- Passed out with her thumb

The bridal shower that my sister and I threw on Saturday was fantastic!  My sister (and mom) really know how to throw a party.  Everything was color coordinated and the food even had cute signs so people knew what it was.  We only had one little hiccup when the quiche wouldn't cook and we ended up finishing it in the microwave.  We had about 25 people over at my mom's house for the shower.

Evy had a great time at the party!

Charlotte- "I'm not tired Mama!"

On Sunday it was pretty low key.  I hung out at my dad's house for a while and then went back to my mom's and had a friend come over for a while.  It was nice to just hang out and catch up with people for once.  Since going back to work I feel like every day is just crazy busy and I am trying to keep up on dishes, laundry, etc. 

Monday we had to get back to the airport so that we could go back to Denver. My mom was flying back with me so that made things a lot easier!  It was pretty funny though.... we knew we had to leave the house at 12:30 in order to drop my mom's dog off and drive to my sister's work to have lunch with her and my aunt on their lunch break.  Well, at about 12:10 both girls decided they were going to be hungry and need to eat before we left!  We hadn't planned on them needing to eat and were rushing around like crazy people at 12:27 when we had "three minutes until we had to leave." I told my mom that I would get them ready to go in 5 and she didn't believe me!  I threw everything left out into suitcases and we were ready in about 10 so that wasn't too bad. We were only a few minutes late to lunch.... so that was okay.  We ended up having three generations of sisters at lunch that day!  I'm so glad that my girls have a sister.  Its a very special bond. =)

We ended up at the airport with just enough time and had a great flight back to Denver!  My mom was able to stay for a couple days and flew home on Thursday.

On Tuesday the girls turned 5 months!!  They are getting so big!  I probably say that every month but its still true.  They seem like they are on the verge of crawling.  I put them on the play mat, they flip over, and end up off of the mat before I know it.  They are rolling with a purpose these days.  It was very cute.... today there was a toy on the floor that I guess Charlotte wanted.  She maneuvered herself off the play mat over to the toy and started chewing on it.  Its really funny to see them get so excited.  I think they may be getting teeth soon too.  They have been especially drooly and a little fussier than normal.   They are going to be so cute when they have one or two little teeth in their mouths.  Evy is on a huge growth spurt too!  She has been super hungry and super tired.  They typically go at least every 3 hours between feeds but Evy has been eating every 2 hours at some points during the day.  Today she ate at 4pm and 6pm and is currently passed out in her bouncy seat.  I am anticipating a cry that says, "MAMA FEED ME!" in about an hour and then back to bed for the night.  I guess we will see!  I know babies are supposed to sleep on their backs, but Charlotte seems to like sleeping on her tummy.  She can obviously roll from her back to tummy now and then just passes out.  I flip her over to her back once she is asleep but when morning comes she is typically back on her tummy.  I can't say I blame her.... I am a tummy sleeper too =)  That was one hard habit to break when I was pregnant! 

In other news, I quit breast feeding this weekend.  The last time I pumped was Friday and I haven't had any pain or uncomfortable fullness since then.  I quit pretty slowly so that's probably why its been okay so far.  It was a hard decision, but I think it was the right one. 

Char & Evy sleeping over at Grandma's house!

Evy & Charlotte in in their cute dresses!



Me and my beautiful sleepy Evy

Piggy tails!! Char

These hurt my head Mama! Evy

Evy and Charlotte just playing with some toys

Charlotte and Evelyn just hanging out with their Mama

Char and Evy.. I always put them away from each other at night but they wake up right next to each other!

Evy & Char 4 days old

Evy & Char- 3 days old! 

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