Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready for Takeoff!

Tomorrow will be an adventure to say the least.  I am taking the girls to Minnesota..... on an airplane.... by myself.  Yep, you read correctly... I am taking twin almost five month old girlies on an airplane by myself. 

My brother is getting married this summer so my sister and I decided to throw his fiancee a bridal shower!  I had a couple personal days that I could take at work so I decided to actually take them!  Last year I took 17 days off of work for IVF appointments so I have never actually used one of my personal days before for something, well, personal!

I am really looking forward to seeing friends and family while I am back in MN.  I saw everybody at Christmas, but the girls have changed a lot since then.  In December they were still more like newborns... couldn't hold their heads up very well, weren't really interested in toys, etc.  Now, the girls are pros at holding their heads up, very interested in toys, and are becoming more mobile by the second!  Pretty soon they will be rolling with a purpose.... and that's going to be scary!  They have also started to play with their feet.  I caught Evy grabbing one of her feet the other day and it was pretty cute.  They also hold their legs up in the air while I am changing their diapers.  Its like they are saying, "Wipe my butt, mama! And give me some clean pants while yo are at it!"  They are so smiley and have so many more emotions and expressions.  I can even get them to giggle a bit!  I just love to watch them grow and learn every day.  They are such interesting little people.

We are still working on the solid foods.... Evy seems to like everything (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples, and green beans) and Charlotte is the picky one.  She will only eat the oatmeal and sweet potatoes.  When yo give her something and she doesn't like it, she gives you this awful look and spits the food out!  I don't want to encourage that behavior but it really is cute.

Twelve and a half hours until the flight leaves.  I have to sleep, finish packing, and get bottles ready, pack the diaper bag, and figure out what else I'm missing!

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