Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anatomy Scan- 21 weeks!

The verdict is in... we are having two BOYS!!!

The ultrasound went great.  Both boys (woah, seems strange to not say girls!) are doing fantastic.  They were jumping around and being all crazy during the scan and that was fun to see.   Both babies are measuring about a week ahead.  Baby A is approx. 1lb and Baby B is approx. 1lb 1oz.  They are in the 90 somethingth percentile... and that's for a singleton!  These boys might be huge!  Perhaps its all the donuts??

Met with the doctor after the ultrasound and asked what I could do about the restless leg syndrome.  He said to start taking an iron and magnesium supplement and that might help.

I also asked if it would be okay to fly back to MN for Christmas (I will be 30 weeks) and he said that was okay too!  I don't have a history of preterm labor and my cervix so far is just fine (4.3cm) with no funneling so as long as I continue to be okay flying is okay too!  He did say though to practice sitting for an hour and see how that goes.  He said that might be more of a determining factor because it might get pretty uncomfortable.  We will probably also have to get 3 seats because there will be no place on my lap for a baby... nor would it be comfy at all.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

20 Weeks!

Falling behind has been the story of my life these days.  I obviously think about being pregnant every day (its hard not to!) but writing about it has been on the back burner.

On Wednesday I was 20 weeks! This upcoming Wednesday (Halloween) I will be 21 weeks and will also be getting the amazing 2 hour anatomy scan that I have been looking forward to.

So far I have been feeling pretty good.  I was only nauseous from weeks 6-8 and I didn't even throw up.  I haven't had any food aversions so far which has been nice.  I haven't been super starving either, and food in general some days just doesn't sound good.  Craving? Can we say donuts?  Yep, Its pretty bad... all I want to eat is sugary stuff and things that are absolutely no good for me what so ever.

I have been in maternity clothes for quite some time now.  My belly really popped out quicker than last time.  Some of my maternity stuff is even a little bit short/tight.  I've been wearing a lot of stretchy yoga type pants to work with cute tops so nobody can tell that I am wearing athletic type pants.  Its a fairly causal work environment, so I'm gonna go with the stretchy stuff until somebody says something (which I doubt they will.)

I started out this pregnancy at 166 lbs and I think I am up to about 180/182- somewhere in there so I have gained 14-16 lbs.  (With the girls I started out at 158 and got up to 210!)

Its getting harder to do "regular" things like sweep stuff into the dustpan, get up off the floor, and pick up after the kids at school.  I get pretty tired just going to work, going grocery shopping, and doing general things around the house.  I have a feeling that the farther along I get the more help I will be needing.... maybe we can bribe our friends to come over and help out in exchange for Brian's yummy cooking.

I really realized this weekend that I have to TRY and rest a little bit more when I'm at home on the weekends.  I am pretty much going nonstop from 6:30 am until the girls go to sleep at 6:30/7:00 pm.  I think the most rest I get in an average day is while I am driving to and from work!  On the weekends I am going shopping, taking care of the girls, and attempting to get things done.

I am really feeling these little ones thump and bump lately!  My first flutters were at around 12 weeks and I started feeling kicks or punches at 16 weeks 2 days.  I consistently feel movement now when I am sitting down or not moving around a bunch.  I am feeling a LOT on my right side (Baby A) but not as much on my left side (Baby B)  I'm not sure if I have anterior or posterior placentas so that could have something to do with it.

Overall, I have been feeling pretty good.  I just get tired easily and can cry at the drop of a hat (stupid hormones!!) I only have a little over 3 months left of work until my official leave begins.  My plan is to work until Friday, February 8th (I will be 35 weeks 2 days) and then be off until the end of the school year.  That will give me about 6 months total off until school starts back up again in August.  I am seriously hoping that having that much time off will help me establish a better breastfeeding routine than I had last time.  I'm thinking part of my failure was knowing that I had to go back to work when they were 3 months old and that I would only be able to pump then anyways.  I guess we will see.

10 weeks

11 weeks

13 weeks 3 days

14 weeks 2 days

15 weeks 5 days

16 weeks 2 days

18 weeks 5 days

19 weeks 1 day

20 weeks

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Custom Tutus!!

I've started making tutus!! It all started when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for when I wanted tutus for the girls' 12 month pictures.  I went out and bought supplies and voila!  Tutus!!!  I made a couple tutus to show what they look like (which are for sale) and I can also do custom orders. If you would like one, leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will contact you!!

Black and Purple with Stars on the Purple.  One size fits most. (Waist 12 inches-24 inches)  $25 + Shipping

Red and Green with Sparkle Tutu.  One size fits most. (Waist 12-24 inches) $25 + shipping

Dusty Rose with Ivory Sparkle Tutu.  One size fits most.  (Waist 12-24 inches) $25 + Shipping

These will fit approx 9 month and up.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

12 month professional pictures

We haven't gotten any professional pictures of the girls done since they were newborns!!  (That's not to say I haven't taken a million pictures of them.... I think I am going on 4000 pics taken on my phone!!)

We got super lucky and had a beautiful day for outdoor pictures.  The photographer is the same one that took my maternity pictures in September of last year when I was about 35 weeks pregnant with the girls.  I made the tutus for the girls and I think all of our crazy props turned out pretty cute.  :D



Char & Evy



Char & Evy

Charlotte- my little daredevil!!

1st picture we got of Charlotte standing on her own!!

Me with Charlotte

Me with Evy

10 & 11 Months Old!!

I guess I dropped the ball on the 10 month post and the girls will actually be 1 year old in just about 2 weeks!!  Things have been a little crazy around here you could say :)

Where do I even start... these two beautiful girls have been changing so much that I can hardly keep up!  At their 9 month appointment Evy wasn't crawling yet and the doctor was concerned about her huge head.  She ended up getting a CT scan and everything was just fine... just a huge head!  It seems that right after that appointment she started army crawling and then full on crawling.  She is right there with Charlotte now and you would never know that Char has been crawling for almost 2 months longer.

The girls love to "explore" the living room that they pretty much have taken over.  They love to pull up on everything and cruise along the furniture.  They are also all about getting into everything that they shouldn't like the dog's kennel and his food.  If the kennel is open and the dog isn't in it, they get in and play with his toys.  The living room is FULL of toys for them and they want the dog's toys.... strange girls!

One of Evy's favorite things to do is push her toys around the living room.  They have these table like toys that make sound, etc and Evy will stand up and push the whole thing around the living room.  I even caught her pushing the entire pack n play around the other day.  It was hilarious!  Charlotte has been into the leggos lately.  They have a tallish basket that they are in and she likes to pull them out and throw them on the floor... oh and I can't forget chew on them.  She chews on everything!  She likes to chew on her own toes and has been known to try and lick and/or bite my toes and then proceed to give me a huge smile.  Toes must taste good??  Charlotte also likes to take her diaper off at night.  During the summer the girls slept in a onesie or a diaper so that they didn't get too hot.  Well, one morning I found Charlotte in her birthday suit when she should have had a diaper on.  Silly girl!

Both of the girls are still saying mama and dada.  I'm pretty sure they have said "hi" and Brian thinks he heard one of the girls say "Urza" (the dog) as well.

Oh, and I know that I posted this yesterday, but Evy took her first steps unassisted!!! I thought it would be her sister that would walk first! Who knew!  Charlotte will stand all by herself and Evy really won't.  As soon as Charlotte figures out that she's standing by herself she gets scared and sits down :) (As of their birthday, Charlotte is walking too!!!)

They are wearing a few 12 month clothes, but mostly 18 month clothes.  Charlotte still wears size 3 diapers and Evy is in a size 4.  They still drink most of their milk out of bottles but are quickly getting the hang of the sippy cups.  We tried a couple different ones and the Nuby soft silicone ones were the winners.

Both girls are getting teeth like crazy.  Charlotte only had 2 teeth until she was about 11 months and then she got 3 on the top!!  A 3rd one on the bottom popped in last week (12 months) as well.  Evy is up to 9 teeth!! She has her top 4, bottom 4 and one molar! Another molar is ready to pop through any day now... it is bulging under her gums at the moment.

Both girls still love to play with the doggie and the kitty.  They are so tolerant of the girls.... I think the kitty just likes when anybody is petting her (including the girls pulling her fur out.)


What? Am I not supposed to play with the doggie's toys?? - Evy



10 months

Evy in her big girl car seat!!



We love to feed ourselves!!!

Sleepy girls

11 months!!

Charlotte helping out with the sopping


\I know that doggie is out there somewhere!