Sunday, October 7, 2012

We now have TWO walkers!!

Charlotte has been making her attempts at walking lately... taking a step or two here and there but she lacked the confidence to really give it a shot and always just sat down after her step.  Yesterday, at her birthday party, she decided she was going to really give walking a whirl!! She took a good 5 steps in a row and continued that today. I am so proud of my little girl!!

Evy is also taking more steps in a row!  Both girls are free standing more on their own now as well.  Its like one day they woke up and said, "I think I'm going to walk today!!"  They are such amazing little girls.

The girls' 1st birthday party was so much fun!  We had about 30 people here to celebrate.  Our friend Sherrie is amazing and took over 200 pictures of the party and I will be sharing a few of those eventually :)

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Aleta said...

I think children are the most amazing people!! To think the things that they have to learn at a rapid pace. Amazing!