Sunday, November 4, 2012

12 Months Old!

My little girls turned one on October 6th (so now they are just about 13 months!!)

They continue to amaze me every single day.  They do the cutest things like giggle in their crib in the morning and right before going to sleep.  Its like they get to have a slumber party every day!  They steal food off of each other's trays at meal time and they loooove to feed the doggie while they are eating as well.  They put their arms out and say what sounds like "Urza" and give him their food.  He sure doesn't mind!

They adore the cat and dog.  When they see the kitty they say what sounds like, "Its the kitty!" in a high pitched shrieky  tone and go up and pet her.  You'd think that she would run away because they pull at her fur, but they are very gentle actually.  I think the cat likes any attention she can get... even if its from 1 year olds.  The dog is another favorite "toy" of the girls.  They love to go find him on his couch (yes, my dog has his own couch) and take his chew toys out of his mouth.  He is so patient with them and I am glad for that.  They also like to play in the dog's kennel.  One of the girls will go in there and the other will shut the door and bang it a few times so it makes noise.   I'm not sure what the fascination is, but its pretty funny to watch them!  They also like to look out the window.  The door that goes outside off of our kitchen has a window that they can just barely see out of.  I think they like to look for the doggie out there and watch him chase the squirrels.

Evy did the funniest thing the other day... I was holding both girls and Evy started petting her sister and saying what sounded like "nice" while she was doing it.  I guess its okay to pet your sister too?  ha ha

Just a month ago the girls were barely walking and now they are really cruising around the house.  They do look a little like zombies though because of the way they hold out their arms when they walk.  Charlotte has been trying to run too but she will just take a few steps and then fall because she can't keep up with her own momentum.  When Evy's blankey is around she will walk around carrying it in in her mouth and sometimes with her thumb in her mouth too.  Charlotte has learned to bring you things that she should have found (paper, wrappers, random stuff.) All you have to say is, "Charlotte, bring it to me!" and she will!  Evy on the other hand will "run" away as fast as she can when she knows you want to take something out of her hands.  I guess we know who the sneaky one is going to be!

They are very curious and into checking everything out.  I had the stroller in the living room for a couple days because we used it to go trick or treating and it didn't make it back into my car where it usually lives.  The girls had such a fun time playing with it and even managed to crawl into it by themselves!!    They both also love pushing things around the living room or kitchen.  Their highchairs have a bar going across the back that is just at the right height for them.  After they are done eating, they love to push the highchairs around for a while.  They also like to push the pack n plays, toys on wheels and anything else that will slide across the floor.

Right now they are super into their stuffed animals (especially the monkeys!) Brian and I bought them a big stuffed monkey for their birthday (and a turtle) and my brother and his wife sent us two smaller monkeys for their birthday as well.  They love to play with them and Charlotte really likes to give them kisses too!!  Brian said that one day Charlotte called the monkey her "baby!"  How cute!

Speaking of kisses, the girls like to make kissy noises (especially Evy) and Charlotte likes to give you a kiss by opening her mouth and basically licking you or biting you.  Its very sweet, but so odd.  Evy will make more kissy noises at you and loves getting kisses from her mama and dada!

Charlotte can say the words: mama, dada, Urza, and Its the kitty.  (They are not super clear but we know what they are saying!!)

Evy can say the words: mama, dada, Urza, Its the kitty, hi, and nice.  (Hers are not super clear either, but mama knows what she's saying!!)

They both wear size 5.5 wide in shoes.  Their first real pair of walking shoes are the white St.ride Rite high tops.  I bought those because they are gender neutral and hopefully the boys will use them too!!

They wear mostly size 4 diapers (Sometimes 3s in Pampers) and wear 12 month pants and 18 month onesies and shirts.  They are just a little too short for the 18 month pants, but the waists are getting tighter on the 12 month pants for Evy.


Weight: 23lbs 2oz
Height: 29.75 inches
Head: (I have to find the paper that tells me that!)

Weight: 21lbs 6oz
Height: 29.5 inches
Head: (I have to find her paper too!!)

Teeth: Evy has 10 teeth!! 4 top, 4 bottom and 2 molars (one one each side)

Teeth: Charlotte has 7 teeth! 4 top, and 3 bottom.

Food: The girls are eating pretty much everything these days.  We try to feed them a very healthy diet. Every week I cook them up two huge pots of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, zucchini and yellow squash.  I had been feeding them carrots too but I read that those can be constipating so I quit putting those in and it has helped a bunch.  They will eat up to 3lbs (combined) of lunch meat per week.  Its their favorite thing!!  (And yes, I buy the all natural nitrate/nitrite free meat!!)  They eat bananas, pears, plums, blackberries, raspberries, apple slices and pretty much anything you put in front of them.  They love avocados, yogurt, eggs (scrambled and hard boiled as well.)  They like drinking water from their sippy cups, but haven't been able to completely drop the bottles yet.  They get 3-8oz bottles of organic whole milk per day and that's about what they should be getting as far as dairy (20-24oz/day.)  They also like toast, pancakes, Cherrios, frosted mini wheats, french toast, and bagels.  We give them as much whole wheat as we can but sometimes they get the white too.

I hate to admit it, but they also loooove ice cream.  Brian and I will give them little tastes of what we are eating and they just love it!!

They are both currently sharing a crib again.  They slept together from birth-10 months and then Charlotte got sick.  We separated them because we didn't want Evy to catch what Char had.  After that, they didn't really want to go back together, but when they started sleeping in their own room they needed to since we only have 1 crib.  After a few nights to adjust, they are happy as clams and I think enjoy having one another for company.

I can't say it enough, but I just love these two little girls.  It is very hard to imagine what my life was like without them because they bring me so much joy!  There are days when its hard too, but all of the great moments outweigh the tough ones.  People ask me how I do it and there is no real secret that I have found.  I think just having a positive attitude and being patient and willing to do anything for them is all I know.  I truly believe that they are calm because we are calm with them.  Babies can sense stress and anxiety from their parents so we try not to show them that.  Do I get stressed out? Well of course but I try not to all the time.

People also think we are nutty for having another set, but I think everything is going to work out just fine.  Am I totally ready for the boys to be here? Heck no!  But I'm sure by the time they come we will be as ready as we can be :)

The past 12 (or really 13) months have been just amazing!! I can't emphasize that enough!!!

Evy & Char on a little shopping trip at the outlet mall with their new shoes on!

We are going to get that bear!!

Evy with the beaer

The kitty wanted to get in the picture too!

Pumpkin patch

Evy is trying to figure out how to make this thing go!!

Playing in the doggie's kennel


Charlotte with her silly pony tail

Evy with her silly pony tail


Liz said...

Cute girls! Just found your blog I also have twin girls Evelyn and Charlotte just turns 1 yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Those who havent experienced difficulty and infertility struggle might say you are crazy for having another twin set.I am the one who is still struggling and I support you 100% and wish you easy and healthy delivery and babies! Also, the way you look at daily battles and difficulties is really amazing.Really happy to see such am optimistic and energetic person!

Angie said...

Your girls are adorable! such a fun age! and congratulations on your twin boys! you must def. get the choo choo wagon, you can purchase off the step 2 website (, you can add the 4th one, just search for choo choo wagon, they will love it, if the weather is good we have used it almost everyday.