Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am thankful for....

  • A healthy and uneventful pregnancy 
  • Baby A and Baby B (The BOYS!)
  • Charlotte
  • Deals!  I try to be thrifty and get a good deal :)
  • Evelyn
  • Friends
  • Good food and giggling babies
  • Having such a great support system
  • Ice cream... and not being lactose intolerant while pregnant
  • Just having a little bit of free time
  • Kisses from my darling little girls
  • Long holiday breaks
  • My mom and all the times she has been out to visit and help with the girls!
  • Nanny... She is amazing and takes such great care of our girls while we are at work/class.
  • One amazing husband!
  • People in my Mothers of Multiples club.  
  • Quiet nights
  • Roasted turkey breast (the girls' favorite food)
  • Sister!!!
  • Teachers
  • Urza! (The dog)
  • Vivid dreams (I've had some very strange ones this pregnancy!)
  • Way generous people 
  • Xtra lucky to be a twin mom
  • YOU!
  • Zee opportunity to be a mom :)

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