Friday, March 15, 2013

10 a.m.

Its 10:08 a.m. and this is what I have done so far today:

  • Fed the boys (twice)
  • Pumped (twice)
  • Got the girls up
  • Changed each kid (twice)
  • Cooked breakfast for the girls
  • Made coffee
  • Stuffed food in my face
  • Started dinner in the crockpot
  • Emptied the dishwasher
  • Loaded the dishwasher
  • Swept the floor
  • Washed one load of clothes
  • Taken out one bag of trash
  • Oh, and I can't forget... given the kids lots of hugs & kisses.
To say the least.  I am freaking exhausted. And its only 10 a.m.

1 comment:

AletaObrien said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you got so much accomplished. My son has armitis. He wants to be held constantly by me... My husband can hold him for a few minutes and put the baby in the crib. But if I hold our son and try to put him in the crib after a few minutes he starts to cry... and only stops if I'm holding him again. Can't say I totally mind though, even if I don't get anything done, because he's such a sweet baby to hold.