Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bath Time- 2 on 2 vs 2 on 1

Before the boys were born we had many systems in place for how we did things... and bath time was one of them.  Typically, after dinner each of us would strip down one messy kid and carry her to the bathtub.

I would say that Char needs a bath  12/2/12

So does Evy! 12/2/12

After we got them to the tub, I would sit there with them and Brian would go do whatever.  When it was time to get them out, I would grab one girl in a towel and hand her over to Brian.  Then, I would get the other girl out, dry her off, get her dressed and into bed (or back to the living room if it wasn't time for bed.)  Brian would give me the girl he had and I would get her dressed and diapered up.  It worked out great!  Nobody was running around the house naked and all chaos was avoided.

Since the boys were born, there are obviously twice as many kids to take care of and the same amount of hands.  Systems have changed and we have had to figure out new ways of doing things our of necessity.  I'm on my own now for at least a few hours/day and so I have ended up doing bath time alone.  Sometimes Brian is gone at class and sometimes he is just unavailable because he's working on school stuff or taking care of the boys.  This is what can happen when you try to give 2 kids a bath at the same time all by yourself.

I wrangled up the girls and somehow managed to get them both into the tub at the same time.  They now like to run down the hallway in different directions.  I put one in the bathroom, look around and the other is gone!  I go chase the other one (usually in the boys' room) and now the other one has run out of the bathroom and back to the living room.  I get the one out of the boys' room to the bathroom and go find the other one while the one I just got in there runs out again.  Sigh.  Cue panting mom with a pulse of at least 120.

I take the girls' diapers off only to find poo poo in there so I clean them up and put them in the bath.  I dump out the bucket of toys into the bath with the girls in there and fill up the tub. I then get out my camera and take a couple of pictures & videos of them splashing around and being cute.  I look down at my phone to upload a picture and when I look back up, one of the girls is about eat something... and its brown... and it was NOT a toy!

This is the picture I uploaded right before I saw "it"
I yelled for Brian and immediately got the girls out of the tub.  I didn't even have towels in the bathroom!  As soon as I took them out, I look over and Evy had pooped on the bathroom floor... and stepped in it!  Ew!  I sent the girls across the hall to their room with Brian so he could watch them while I cleaned out the tub.  When I was done, I put them back in the tub and washed them..... again! It was a little nutty to say the least.  I love my little girls, but boy do they know how to make a mess!  

Oh, and when I looked up this picture I realized that this story happened before the boys were born.. but all the same... bath time as 2 on 1 is still a bit nutty :)

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