Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Feeding time at the zoo"

My twin nursing pillow has saying all over it like, "Twins on board" "20 toes 20 finger" and "Feeding time at the zoo."  I thought the last one was kinda funny, but today that's exactly what it was.... feeding time at the zoo.

I tandem nursed the boys and then sat them both up on my chest so that I could burp them.  The girls weren't down for their nap yet and really wanted to try and get up on my lap.  The pillow was still strapped around my waist and apparently it made the perfect perch for both of them.  Char first came up and sat on the pillow and then Evy.  I guess there is room for 4 kids on my lap after all with the right equipment in place! The girls helped me burp the boys, petted their heads and then I'd had about enough.  (I think the boys had too!)  I wish someone else would have been home to take a picture because I'm sure it was hilarious! :)


Liz Rogers said...

Wow, I wish there was a picture that captured that moment. You are a strong mommy to have 2 sets of twins, keep up the good work!

AletaObrien said...

Now that would have been a priceless picture!