Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sleep is a funny thing... When you have it you forget what its like to be without and when you are without all you do is think about it.

The girls slept through the night before they were 3 months old.  They were born on October 6th and by the time I went back to work on January 2nd they were sleeping all night long (10p-6a) which was amazing.  I'm not sure how I could have functioned at my job without sleep!  Teaching is tiring enough WITH sleep!

I got pregnant with the boys on June 25th when the girls were only 8.5 months old.  I slept well for a while until I hit that "get up every hour and pee" stage in the pregnancy which was sometime before Christmas.  On top of being pregnant with twins again, I had to chase around my two 1-year-olds.  They went from crawling to walking to running in the blink of an eye.  I tried to nap when they napped, but that didn't happen every day.  And then if I napped too well during the afternoon there was no way I was going to sleep well at night. Not to mention the heartburn I had... oh the heartburn!  It set in way earlier with the boys.  I felt like I was sending Brian to the store for tums at least 3x/week because I ate them like they were candy.  If I didn't, I was so so so sick.

The week the boys' arrived I didn't sleep at all!  I was induced on Thursday morning.  I didn't sleep Wednesday night because I was just anxious and excited to meet my little guys!  Thursday night I was in labor all night and Brian didn't stay at the hospital with me so when we went home that Sunday I hadn't slept since the previous Tuesday (but really not since like Thanksgiving.)

Sunday night I slept in my own bed and it was amazing!  Although  I only slept for 2-3 hours at a time.  Monday during the day I remember Brian took over for a few hours so I could sleep for a solid 4-5 hours and I felt like a new person.

Since then, I have been taking most of the night feeds.  I was trying to breastfeed a lot in the beginning so Brian couldn't really help me with that.  He also has to go to class, and also teach so he needs to be somewhat rested in order to actually focus.  If he doesn't have class, I stay up until the 6am feed and then go to sleep for a solid 3-4 hours.  I can only sleep that long because I need to pump every 3-4 hours.

To say the least, I have been completely exhausted.  There's nothing worse than not being able to follow a conversation because you are just too tired to pay attention to what someone is saying.

Just this week we have finally hit a turning point in the boys' sleep habits.  Two nights in a row Elliott has slept all night!! Two nights ago: 10p-4a and last night it was 9pm-6am!!! Oliver was up twice in the time Elliott was sleeping, but I will take it!  Only a mother of multiples can appreciate feeding only one baby in the middle of the night instead of two.  I've even managed to figure out how to feed Oliver by putting him on the boppy next to me on the couch so I can pump at the same time.  I can pump, feed Oliver and be back to bed in less than 30 minutes.  I have felt SO much better these last two days than I have in months. Seriously, months.  The boys are only 9.5 weeks old, so I hope that Oliver will be sleeping all night soon!  I do like to cuddle with him in the middle of the night, but I'm pretty sure I could find time during the day to cuddle too!

Fun in the SUN!

The weather here in Colorado is nutty.  Seriously.  About a week ago it snowed about a foot and then this weekend was just absolutely beautiful!! It was 80 and sunny both Saturday and Sunday.  Perfect weather for going to the park!  Today (Tuesday) its supposed to get colder and tomorrow its going to SNOW!  The news said it could be several inches. Of course, I have to go out and take the boys to their 2 month appointment...good thing its close!!!

Anyways,  On Sunday I took the girls over to a friend's house and we walked to the park nearby.  Its nice to have time to just spend with the girls because some days I think they are jealous of their brothers because they don't get as much one on one time.  If the baby is crying, he is priority because I can't just let him sit there and cry all day.  The girls have been very patient though.  They are such good little girls!  They do have their days, but really what more can I ask for?  They are just so sweet.

Can you believe they both still fit in this swing together?  Char was not liking swinging by herself so I put her in with her sister!  Char's in teal and Evy is in green.

Can you see the smile on Evy's face? She's loving every minute!

Evy- at the top of the slide.


"Let's do it again, Mom!"- Evy

Char wanted to go on the big slide so Nina helped her out


Just chattin'

This picture just says "best friends" to me.  

As soon as we got in the car, Evy was OUT!

We had so much fun playing at the park... we went on the slide, swings, and explored around in the sand.  When they got tired, they both climbed back into their stroller and we went home!  Such good little girls.  I love them so much!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Evy & Mommy time

I don't want my kids to just think that they are a "pair" because they have a twin.  I'm sure we will mostly do things all together as a family, or me with just the girls or just the boys but I also want to make sure I give each child individual attention.  I had to go to the grocery store the other day so I just took Evy!   We went to 3 different grocery stores and she got to eat two cookies!  The first store we went to had chocolate chip or sugar cookies for the kids.  FYI: Chocolate chips melt.  Everywhere.  Not a good idea!

Evy has been having a really hard time lately it seems.  She used to always want her daddy, but now she only wants her mama!  Even if I leave to take out a bag of trash, go to the bathroom, etc.  she is sad and just cries for her mama.  I had to choose one of them to with me that say, so that's how I picked Evy.  Char was supposed to go with me to the store today, but the day got away from us and by the time I left it was nap time.


A cookie and a blankey.  What more could an 18 month old want?

No, Evy! Don't climb out of the cart!!

When we got home, I gave Charlotte the task of helping carry in a pizza.  

The pizza survived... barely

Friday, April 26, 2013

TWO months Old!

I probably say this with every monthly post for the babies, but holy moly, how has it been two months already? They boys are just SO big!  I am a couple days late with this and they don't have their two month checkup until May 1st, so I will update their stats then! :)  
2 months!  Elliott (left) and Oliver (Right)


Oliver and his pouty lip

(If you ever have wondered how I decided which side to put them on by the bear, its the side they were in the womb!  )



The boys are growing so well!  They started out as big babies, and look at them now!!  Elliott is noticeably bigger than Oliver! 

They are both drinking about 4 ounces every 3 or so hours.  I am producing about 36 ounces of breastmilk per day so they each get half that!  I am happy that they are getting at least half breastmilk every day!  It has been a challenge to get my supply up to that much, but that's its own post.  Its a very emotional subject for me and I need to be in the right place to talk about it.  

Schedule you ask?  As of right now we don't have a real schedule.  I just hate typing those words.  NO SCHEDULE.  We feed on demand and that seems to be working okay for now.  The only real problem is when all 4 kids wake up and need something at the same time... like 1pm when the girls need lunch and both boys are crying. One word: Chaos! It is nice though that occasionally I will get an hour or so when ALL kids are sleeping.  I should be using that time for laundry, etc. (which I do sometimes) but other times its just nice to relax or even take a short nap.  The boys aren't sleeping that great at night yet.  Elliott has gone 7 hours, but its not consistent.  Oliver's longest stretch has been about 4.5 hours.  When one wakes at night to eat I don't wake the other (unless the other is starting to stir.)  Lately, to save time, I've been pumping and bottle feeding one at the same time.  Why not just breastfeed you ask?  Well, neither of teh boys will take more than 2 ounces from the breast.  So, that means I have to BF them for up to 30 minutes, bottle feed them another 2 ounces and then still pump.  If you can imagine that process it sure isn't quick. Perhaps I am being selfish, but I do need sleep too.  

They are both wearing size 1 diapers that seem to be getting small already!  The 0-3 month clothes still fit but barely!  I need to get out the 3-6 month pjs out very soon for sure!  The onesies might last a little longer.  

Overall, both of the boys are very very happy!  I mean how could they not be?  They have a mom, dad, and two lovely sisters that completely adore them.  They are loved for sure.  

People keep asking me how the girls are doing with their brothers and the answer is that they just love them! They like to give hugs, kisses, pretend to feed them their bottles (and once a goldfish cracker which was scary!) The girls' even have their own brother baby dolls that they burp, feed and rock too.  Its just adorable.  I think all of the prepping we did with them must have paid off.  Those girls are always listening and really do understand everything!!  I asked Char to go let the doggie out of his kennel the other day, and she did!  Smart girls, I tell ya.  I'm sure the boys will be just as smart too!! :)  

Elliott looks JUST like his dad.  I call him the "big guy" and Oliver the "little guy."  It will be interesting to see if he catches up to his brother in weight eventually! Elliott has the biggest smiles I have ever seen!  Some days he just hangs out in his bouncy seat smiling and batting at the toys.  He makes the best little baby sounds too.  I never get sick of that!  Oliver is starting to smile a lot too.  He doesn't coo as much as his brother but I'm sure he will soon.  

Perhaps I never updated on Oliver's hearing test, but he passed his follow up test! Thank goodness.  This mama was worried.  But, all is well.  I can't think of anything else, so I will just say that I love these boys so so so much!  Having 4 kids under 2 (and in diapers) is an experience, that's for sure, but I really do enjoy every day.  I love seeing the individual personalities of the kids really shine!  

Oliver (top) and Elliott (bottom) All dressed up to see the Easter bunny!




Elliott and Oliver


Elliott- Yum, my hands taste GOOD!

Oliver and Elliott

Oliver and Elliott- holding hands!



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Impromptu Bath Time

I think I am going to tell this story using pictures.... Let's say it was a very crazy afternoon!

I got the baby bathtub out so that I could give Oliver a bath.  He had been fussy and I thought maybe he would relax a bit after having a bath.  As soon as I started the water, Evy whined and tried to crawl onto the counter to get into the sink.  I thought she was going to hate this baby bath so I put her in with her clothes on.  I couldn't have been more wrong. She loved every second of it.

Evy- I think she must be part fish.

So happy in her baby bathtub!

While Evy was happily sitting in the baby tub, Char kept whining at the sink telling me that she wanted a turn too.  I took Evy out and in Char went.

Char- not so sure about this at first.

"Mom, do I really have to wash my feet?!?"

When I took Evy out, she cried and cried and cried.... and cried.  Until I decided to plug up the sink and put her in for a bath.  She loooooves feeling the water with her hands and wouldn't even let me turn it off. 

Char & Evy

Char & Evy

Its like they have never seen water before!  It was just so much fun!!!

I couldn't let them stay in there forever and Oliver was fussing.  I only had one towel so I dried them off and let them air dry the rest of the way on the way to their room.  After that whole ordeal, it was definitely nap time for the girls.  

Oliver- enjoying his bath!

Elliott- enjoying his bath too!  (I had to do a double take on this picture.  He looks much more like his brother when his hair is wet!!)

Oliver- a happy little camper after his bath!  

Elliott- first smile that I've been able to capture on camera! Yay!


Needless to say, I was freaking exhausted after all of this.  It just goes to show that you don't have to leave the house for an adventure!!!