Monday, April 22, 2013

18 Months!!

Where has the time gone?  My little girls are truly not babies anymore and have fully entered the toddler stage.  It not only includes walking, talking & eating anything and everything but also tantrums, hair pulling, and unnecessary food throwing.  With each day comes something new and special but also new challenges as a mom.

17 Months
18 Months!  
Its getting harder and harder to keep them still for a picture!!

Charlotte: (Stats from 4-5-13)
Height: 32 inches 60%
Weight: 23lbs 14oz 50%
Head: 47.6cm 75%

Height: 31 3/4 inches 55%
Weight: 26lbs 11oz 80%
Head: 50.3cm 100% + (She still has a huge noggin)

The girls both wear 18 month pants and anything from 18mo-3T in shirts.  Clothes range in sizes because of the brand.  Char can actually still fit into some 12 month pants and onesies too! (Although the pants are getting a little short.)  I just recently bought them a "new" wardrobe from the thrift store.  I just can't justify going out and buying all new stuff when I can get perfectly good stuff for a fraction of the price.  I got them a whole ton of super adorable stuff and two pairs of jeans for myself for $43.00 yesterday!  There must be at least 30 items.  For the same price, I could get about 8 things from Kohl's.  I went the other day and used 4- $10 off coupons and for an additional $8 got 8 items.  With my coupons it was a great deal... but without, not so much.

The girls wear size 4 diapers and between a 5.5 and 6 in shoes.  They take 2 naps every day.  11-1pm and 3:30/4:00- 5:30ish.  They go to sleep around 8pm and sleep until anywhere between 7-8 am.  I know that the era of 2 naps will come to an end shortly, but I am taking advantage of it for as long as I can.  Its the only time of the day where I have the possibility of having some down time from all 4 kids to get something accomplished or even take a nap.

The girls are coming up with new words every day!  I was a little concerned that Charlotte wasn't talking as much as Evy, but within the last week her vocabulary has doubled.  Char is imitating more and using the words more on her own every day.  Here's what they are saying:

Char: doggie, kitty, hi, bye-bye, no, yes, hot,(ha) baby (bay), mama, dada, bottle (bow), ah-choo, bite (bah), down (dah), water (wa wa)

Evy: its the doggie, its the kitty, hi, bye-bye, no, yes, hot, baby (beaba), mama, dada, bottle (bow bow), ah-choo, nose (no), eye, feet, shoe, sit down, belly button (beh bahn), bear, its the bear, blankey, milk (bucky), its the blankey, uh-oh, bite, please, bite please, down (dah), ucky, Char, water (wa-wa), bouncy

Evy realized probably a month ago that when she says "mama" that she is talking about me.  I always say, "Yes, Evy" in response.  Just a couple days ago Charlotte finally realized that I'm also mama!  The first time she said "mama" and I responded to her, her eyes lit up and she got super excited!!  Now she likes to say mama and have me respond.  So cute.

The girls really feed off of each other.  They copy everything the other does.  One day at dinner Evy started throwing her green beans on the floor one by one.  Sure enough, Char started it too!  It didn't end until every last green bean was on the floor.  Evy doesn't really like them, but Char does.

The girls only use sippy cups and generally the hard spout kind.  I just need to get a few more and sterilize and put the silicone spout type away.  I am so glad that we dropped the bottles at about 13.5 months.  Its made it MUCH easier for them to ignore the boys' bottles and not cry when they see them.  Sometimes they will pick them up and drink what's left in them but they usually think its funny while they are doing it!  

They love to eat, and sometimes try new things.  Some of their favorite foods are: Cheese, pears, apples, turkey, ham, cheese quesadillas, noodles with butter & parm, cheese ravioli, avocados, applesauce, nilla wafers, & oatmeal cream pies.  They will tolerate vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and green beans but they aren't their favorites.

They each have 12 teeth.  Front top 4, bottom 4 and 4 molars.  Evy just broke through a canine on the top and i'm sure the rest will follow soon. (After I typed this, she broke ANOTHER canine! It was brutal.)

This is a couple weeks late and today the boys are 2 months old!!! My how time flies!!


Reading books at their new IKEA table

Charlotte with daddy and her brother

Charlotte with Mama and Oliver

Evy- Checking out her brother's bouncy seat

Charlotte likes to drink my water

Char & Evy enjoying some fish crackers

Me with all of my littles! Oliver (in gray) Elliott (blue stripes) Evy and Char

I couldn't resist this shirt!!

If Evy can reach the wipes, she will take them all out and play with them at nap time.

Playing outside (Char and Evy)


Backpacks with leashes! Char (monkey) and Evy (owl)

Char & Evy crawled up into the windowsill and I couldn't resist!  Silly monkeys.


AletaO said...

I love reading your posts. It's so neat to see the twins individual personalities. They are beautiful. I can't wait until my son says mama. The dr said at four months we will introduce the spoon. Any tips on this?

Amanda said...

Such a beautiful family! Keep up the great work, Mommy!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you! :) They really do have crazy little personalities. They cease to amaze me!! As far as starting solids... I say hold off as long as you can! It seems fun at first to try new foods, but it takes a loooong time to feed them and is very messy. They are saying now it might be better to start solids around 6 months instead of 4. We started the girls' about 4.5 months, but I think we might wait with the boys until closer to 6. Most people assume you have to start with a cereal (rice or oatmeal) but you can also do soft things like avocados pureed very thin too. I made all of the girls' baby food and hopefully can find the time to do the boys' too. I have a Baby Breeza that will steam and puree the food which is very convenient!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Amanda!! How are you, Jamie, Gabriella, and Benjamin doing?

Amanda said...

We're doing fantastic! =) It's hard to believe they're closing in on two already in July. They both had a great, healthy winter, but everyone's concern is always Benjamin and his lungs. They both had colds just a few weeks ago, and he handled it beautifully - just like Gabriella and any other baby his age would have!! He was approved again from November-March (RSV season) for a super expensive Synnagis shot to protect him, and I think that helped in general with keeping him healthy. And Gabriella is going through a phase for about a week now taking off her clothes and diaper constantly, so she's been in onesies and overalls a lot. =D Thanks for asking!!

Jessica said...

Great! Glad you guys are all doing well. Winter illness can be brutal I've heard! We don't get out much, so the girls thankfully haven't been sick. Can't believe they are coming up on 2!! Where does the time go? Just today Char took her shirt, crib sheet and blankets off and threw them out of her crib during naptime. We might be needing overalls here too :)

Aspgriswold said...

Oh goodess!! These girls are so adorable!!! I seriously loved reading this post. It made me so excited for my twin girls to get here. :)

Jessica said...

Thank you!!! I'm so excited for your girls to get here too!! They have great names!! I, of course, have an Evelyn and a friend of mine's name is Eleanor. I think a lot of people are going older with names these days and I think its fantastic! That said, I think Evelyn is going to become the new Jessica of the 80s LOL