Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We have a roller!

Elliott has been getting to his side a lot lately.  He likes to sit in the bouncy chair like this

Last night I got up to pump and feed Oliver and found Elliott like this:

I was pretty surprised at first and a little freaked out!!  He was happily sleeping away on his tummy with his thumb in his mouth.  So adorable.  I wanted to take a picture of his face, but was too afraid the flash would wake him up! (Number 1 rule- never wake a sleeping baby!!)

Oliver hasn't found his thumb yet, so we might have 3/4 thumb suckers and one that takes the pacifier.  Elliott likes the pacifier occasionally- generally at night.  

I thought that babies usually went from belly to back first, but not Elliott!  The only problem is that when he wakes up and realizes he is on his tummy he cries, wants to be turned back over, and then rolls again... vicious cycle!  

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Aspgriswold said...

awwww cute babies!!