Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Adventurous Morning

We recently got a quad stroller from Brian's aunt and I was feeling adventurous today so we took it on a spin to the park!

I got all of the kids up, fed them breakfast and then we jumped in and went.  If I try and pack/prep too much, we never go anywhere.  I find its easier to just GO!  

The park is only about a 10 minute walk from the house, but a 75 pound stroller plus about 90 pounds of babies makes for an amazing workout!

Elliott and Oliver in the back
Char & Evy in the front

The girls were anxious to get out once we got to the park.  I let them play while I stayed with the boys and the stroller.  I am so lucky that they are good listeners and don't wander off.  

They play with the rocks, climb a little bit, and sometimes go down the slide.  It rained yesterday so we didn't go down the slide today!  Elliott got fussy, so I sat on the ground and nursed him while I watched the girls play.  There were other people playing at the park too, but they didn't seem to notice.

When we were done playing with the rocks, Evy said "Weeee!" which means she wanted to go on the swings.   We always say "Weeee!" when we swing or go down slides!  Char didn't want to swing, so she just pushed Evy instead.

We took the long way home and walked around a small lake.  We said "Weeeee!" on the way down the big hill and said, "hi" to the ducks and the water that we saw.  

On the way home from the park, we stopped at my neighbor's house to say "hi!"  They haven't seen the boys yet, so I thought it would be nice.  The boys fell asleep on the way back to the house, but woke up when we stopped.  The girls got out of the stroller so my neighbor helped walk us next door!  As soon as we got inside, I put Elliott down and he fell right asleep!  I fed Oliver and he fell asleep too.  We got back about 30 minutes before naptime so the girls watched one episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and then went down for their nap!  

I have to say, it felt so great to get out with all four and there weren't any meltdowns or disasters.  Next time, we might venture out a bit and go somewhere out of the neighborhood! 

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AletaObrien said...

now THAT is a stroller! Wow! Awesome job in getting your family to the park and having fun :)