Monday, September 16, 2013

Oliver's follow up

I took Oliver to go see the ENT again last week ws a follow up to the scope he had last month. It wasn't a very eventful appointment but it ended with getting referred to a GI doctor. He is now resisting solids by not opening his mouth at all and because of that we are going to get a swallow study done here in a couple weeks. They are calling it an oral aversion.   Yesterday though he loved his solids! I put some cinnamon in his baby oatmeal and he lived it!! Perhaps he just doesn't like my cooking.  I'm hoping that we just started too soon and he is now ready for them!

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AletaObrien said...

If it hadn't been for the meat, I might wonder about the not opening the mouth, but children let you know. They know best with their own bodies, even if they can't talk and tell us, they find a way to communicate. As parents, it's a difficult world for US to adjust to - their limited communication world... but we can. You're doing a beautiful job!