Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to Work!

School doesn't start until August 18th (August 15th for teachers) but three days never seems like enough to get two classrooms ready.  Today I went in to get some things done and get a bunch of copies done before everyone else gets back.  I only worked from 7:30-2pm including a lot of chatting with people I haven't seen all summer and eating lunch.  I got home around 2:30, sat down and woke up at about 5!  Yikes!  I guess lately I have been getting up whenever, waiting until noon or so to get ready for the day and then doing a whole lot more of whatever I feel like! (Which usually includes at least one nap.) 

I am going back in to my other school tomorrow and will probably go in and get a few things done next week as well.  Hopefully this will get me ready to work full, super long days!

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Cori said...

Oh Yes! That all sounds so familiar. I am having an extra hard time getting the motivation to get in there this year. I went in once this week and have not gone back:( I do really need to get on it though. Good Luck on finishing your room set-up!!!