Sunday, August 21, 2011

Decisions Decisions

On Saturday Brian and I went to a birthing class at the hospital.  I didn't know really what to expect out of the calss.... I figured we would learn some breathing techniques and generally what happens when babies are born. 

Much to my surprise, we watched a few video segments of live births.  I guess I was just not really prepared to see a 1980s video of a crotch and a head coming out of it.  The class instructor asked us what we thought of the video after we saw it and I said, "It kinda makes me want a C-section!"  I think she was a little surprised, but I think that I was a little bit serious. 

There are pros and cons to each type of birthing situation and this is sorta what I came away with:

  • There can be lots of tearing (the lady said that she tore all the way to her anus! OUCH!
  • You can have incontinence issues later ( I mean who really wants to pee themself all the time?)
  • Your vagina may never be the same again... if you know what I mean
  • It really is surgery and can lead to infection and ugly scars
  • There's a chance that after having a c-section that you will always have to have one with future children
  • Recovery time is supposedly longer
  • You have to wait longer to actual hold the babies because you have an IV in one arm and monitors on the other one
  • Getting cut open is just plain old scary!
I thought for sure that I really wanted to have a vaginal birth if possible.  But, now I feel that I really need to weigh the options and decide what to do.  However, it may not be up to me at all.  I may have mentioned this in a post before, but my doc is okay with attempting a vaginal delivery if the "presenting" baby is head down.  But, if she happens to be breech then its a no go.  If the second baby is about the same size as the first baby and is breech then he said he can just pull that one out feet first because it should fit...... 

For now, Baby A is being stubborn and hasn't flipped yet.  From what I've read, it seems unlikely that she would have enough room to turn now that I am almost 32 weeks.  If it were a single pregnancy then maybe there would be more room to flip, but with twins I'm just not so sure. 

We go in for a growth ultrasound on Friday, Sept. 2nd when I will be 33weeks 2 days.  I think that if Baby A still has her head in my ribs then we should go ahead and schedule a c-section and be done with it.  If my water breaks before the scheduled date and she happens to flip..... great.... but if she doesn't, well then we will have a calm and scheduled c-section, not the possibility for an emergency one.  

If there are any opinions out there, I'd like to hear them!  This just all seems so crazy and now that its getting closer it all seems very scary! 

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