Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full Circle

I don't know if you all remember, but during my first trimester I couldn't eat chicken (or really any meat) to save my life! 

Last weekend Brian was out of town and I was at home by myself.  Usually Brian does all the cooking (and he is an AWESOME cook!) and so I have become accustomed to not grocery shopping or cooking anything besides mac & cheese or a frozen pizza.  Well, Saturday I went to the grocery store and bought lots of things that are tasty but that don't need cooking..... Naked Juice, fruit, cereal, ice cream, etc.  I figured that would get me through until Monday morning when he got home, but I was so wrong!  Sunday I was watching the Food Network (Cupcake Wars I think) and then a show came on about the best fried chicken all across the country.  The power of suggestion really gets me sometimes and after I want to eat something, I just can't get it out of my head!

Now the easy solution would have been to go out and get some KFC or something like that, but I was pretty sure that was NOT going to be the "best" fried chicken I have ever had.  There is this place called "White Fence Farm" that does have the best chicken........ and I could have gone there, but everybody I called to go with me was either busy or out of town.  So what is the logical thing to do?  Cry of course!  I almost feel silly now thinking about it, but I cried and couldn't stop for probably an hour because I just really wanted some good chicken!  I could have gone by myself, but dining alone is not really something I felt like doing in a super emotional state. 

Last night, Brian and I finally went out to this place and had some chicken..... It was soooooo good!  On top of that, they apparently have a deal that all public school teachers get 1/2 off their meal!! I had no idea!  That made it even better.  At this "restaurant" they also really do have a small farm with animals that you can feed, little boutiques, a shop with candy and pies and all sorts of other neat stuff!  We ended up feeding the animals (which Brian was afraid of and he did it anyways!) and watched the cow literally try and steal a woman's sweater she was holding!  She had to do a little tug of war with with cow so that it would let go.  Hilarious!  We also bought a strawberry rhubarb pie and some taffy to take home.  Its a super cute place and there were tons of families there (they have a tree house and playground for the kids too!)  I can't wait to take the girls there! 

The yummiest chicken in town!

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