Sunday, December 4, 2011

From 2000 to 2011

I can't believe that Brian and I have been together for 11 years!!!  We started dating at the end of our Junior year in high school and are still going strong here 11 years later.  I was thinking back to the days when we met and what things were like and I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of us throughout the years!  I am also thinking of chopping all my hair off and was looking to see if I had any hairstyles that looked good and maybe I could go back to.  Here are a few pictures of us through the years!  Enjoy!

2001- At a park by White Bear Lake

2001- Homecoming Dance at my high school

2001 Senior Prom for my high school (I am in the purple dress)

2001- MORP dance at Brian's high school (we are on the left)

July 2005- Our Wedding!



2007 New Years Eve




2007- Brian "marriaged" a couple and they had a Renaissance theme

September 2007- Brian's 25th Birthday in Mankato

2007- All dressed up for a wedding!

2008- A night out on the town with friends in Mankato


2009- Valentine's Day!

Today! December 4th, 2011


Cherbear said...

He was on your right in all but 3 pics. Did you notice that? LOL

Thanks for sharing. You two look very cute together in all the pics!

Ginny said...

I must say that you have always been cute, but you are at your best right now! You are a beautiful wife and twin mama!

Jessica Anne said...

Cherbear- Yes, I did notice that as I was putting the pictures together! Funny!

Thanks Ginny! =) Can't wait to see you at Christmas!