Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Day Weekend

Because of the holiday today, I had an amazing three day weekend!!!  I knew my first "full" (5 day) week back at work would be difficult, but I didn't know it would be this hard.  I missed my babies like crazy and all I would think about was them!

Saturday I was so exhausted from working all week and so all I did was snuggle with the girls all day long.  They must have had a long week too because they were very very tired girls!!  Each time one of them would wake up I would feed her, change her, and snuggle until the other one woke up.  This is pretty much how I spent the entire day.  I think the only time I wasn't holding babies was while I was in the bathroom.  Brian was off with his friends all day but that was okay... the girls behaved themselves! =)  I didn't accomplish anything around the house but who cares... the chores could wait!

On Sunday Brian and I went out for lunch and then to Target for some groceries.  We went to Red Lobster. Yummmm.  Ever since I had the girls I have craved shrimp... not sure why.  I mean, I have always liked shrimp but now I feel like I need to eat it all the time! 

When we got to Target Evy was fussing so we fed her while we were shopping.  After eating, she would not stop spitting up!  Just when I thought she was done she spit up some more.  She has been extra gassy and has had lots of spit up lately... I just hope that it doesn't continue because I hate watching her cry because her tummy hurts. 

Also on Saturday Evy really started sucking her thumb.  I have to say its pretty much the cutest thing ever.  She sucked her thumb once before that I've seen (Brian said she has done it a couple times that he's seen) but this weekend she was like sucking her thumb a lot!  It was nice to see her doing it to calm herself down.  She would get all worked up, suck her thumb, and fall asleep. 

Evy- sucking her thumb!  She's also wearing an outfit that her Aunt Emily bought her for Christmas.

Monday I spent doing all of the not fun things around the house... cleaning, laundry, dishes, boring stuff.  I even managed to take down the Christmas tree and  rearrange the living room.  It has been rearranged three times since October but that's okay.  My mom and sister did it when they were here in October and I liked it for a while but I ended up going back to how I had it before... I guess we are creatures of habit.

I must say this has been an amazing weekend!  People always say, "enjoy every minute" and I really did!  We didn't do anything "special" but just spending time with my  new family was special to me.  On the weekends I just feel like I need to spend every second with the girls because I don't get to spend much time with them during the week.  I wish my job wasn't so demanding and that I could be home earlier.  But, I can't change that at the moment so I will just have to be grateful for my summers and holidays off.   And since I had Monday off the weekend will come even quicker! =)

All worn out from playing Evy (left) and Char (right)


Evelyn- You wouldn't know it but 3 minutes prior she was screaming her head off!



Charlotte- trying to escape from the playmat

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