Monday, January 30, 2012

Time goes by so fast!

I realized today that I hadn't written anything in a while so here we are!  The girls are both sleeping and the boobie pumps are attached so I guess I have nothing better to do for the next few minutes. 

Last weekend our friends came to visit from Wisconsin!  Its really great that we have so many friends and family that have come to visit us out here.  They were only here for the weekend so we didn't have a lot of time to hang out but that was okay!  We ended up going to the mall where Brian and George got a professional shave.  Whats that you ask?  Its where you get to sit in an old fashioned barber chair and have an old fashioned looking dude shave you with a straight razor.  It was pretty amusing to watch!  I got a couple of good pictures on George's phone so I will have to get those uploaded here!  While we were at the mall we went into Williams Sonoma (the cooking gadget store.)  George and Sack asked us if we had this cool baby food steamer/blender and we said that we didn't have one but wanted to get one.... so they bought it for us!  It was so nice!!  We haven't tried it out yet because the girls don't eat solid food yet but it should be lots of fun to make food for them.  We even have these cool ice cube tray looking things  that my mom got for us when she was out here in October!  Hopefully we will save lots of money by making our own baby food... and it won't have lots of icky stuff in it that the packaged stuff probably has.

It was very fun to have company for that weekend but that meant we didn't get very much done around the house.  We even actually went a week and a half without grocery shopping which is pretty nutty in this house.  Usually Brian goes at least 2x/week because we run out of something before the weekend comes up again.

Fast forward to this past weekend (as in like two days ago) and we were both sicker than dogs.  On my way home from work on Friday I noticed that my throat was getting sore..... by about 7pm I had turned up the heat in the house and was shivering under two huge blankets.  I didn't sleep all night and took my temp in the middle of the night at 102!  I was totally miserable.  Saturday I felt a lot better but still not great.  One of Brian's friends from middle school was out here in CO so we got dinner with her on Sat. night.  It was good to get out of the house but we didn't get home until 10pm and by then I was completely exhausted.  When Sunday rolled around all I wanted to do was play with my girlies and nap so that's pretty much what I did.  At one point I fell asleep holding Charlotte and I guess Evy was screaming her head off.  Brian took care of her and was being loud but he said I didn't even stir.   I guess I must have really needed that nap.

In other news, I booked another trip to go back to Minnesota this spring!  My brother is getting married this summer so my sister and I are throwing his fiancee a bridal shower.  Brian has to work and such so he is not going with me.  Sooooo that means I am taking the girls on a plane all by myself!!  They did great on the trip home for Christmas so I am hoping this one goes just as smoothly.  My mom is flying back with me to come visit for a few days afterwards so I only have to fly by myself one way =)  I leave on March 2nd so its only about a month away! 

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