Wednesday, November 21, 2012

24 Weeks- Viability!

I am so happy that we have made it to 24 weeks which now means that the babies could be born and would have a fighting chance.  (BUT, they need to stay in much much longer and get nice and big!)

I went to the OB and got my cervix checked today and it was nice and long and closed at 5 cm.  My fundal height measured 34 weeks (ha!) and both babies looked just fine on the ultrasound.  Instead of being head down like they were at my last appointment, they are now both transverse sitting head to head on top of each other at the top of my uterus.

I go back in 3 weeks for the glucose test, and a growth ultrasound including a biophysical profile.  The ultrasound I got today was super quick so I didn't get any pictures, but in 3 weeks I will get some more.  (yay!)

I am feeling just alright lately.  I am super tired by the end of the day and feel like its impossible to get anything done!  We haven't started the boys' nursery yet, but I am busy collecting items so that once the room is empty I will be ready to get things put together and organized.


Aspgriswold said...

Congrats on 24 weeks!!! That is great news!!!

Amanda said...

Happy V-Day!!!! You keep those babies cooking, though!