Thursday, June 27, 2013


Is it bad that I feel like not all infertiles are equal?  We all have had our struggles, but some less than others.  A "friend" from my past found out that she needed to do IVF because of male infertility issues.  I hasn't talked to her in years, and when she found out she needed it, she called me with questions/advice.  I love talking about our journey and sharing the information that I have learned.  I'm sure its tough to go into IVF not knowing anything about the process- its scary!

Anyways, we talked briefly and then she came over to meet the kids, chat, etc.  Mind you, we have been living in the same town for a couple years and hadn't connected previously.  She asked questions, etc. and went on her merry way.  She told me that she just wanted to be pregnant like yesterday (didn't we all when we started treatment) and didn't care about the cost because that wasn't an issue.  They got their testing done and within a month's time she started her cycle and was successful.  She gave me a couple of updates and then that was it.  She didn't need my advice anymore and probably never really did in the first place.  I feel so used!


Aspgriswold said...

That is so sad that she just used you for information like that and then slipped away. I'd feel the same way!

Mommy-At-Last said...

I can understand that you feel used, but you know that you did a great thing for someone on the early stages of one of the scariest and emotional journeys. You did a good thing, and the fact that you had fallen out of touch before this started just shows there never was much of a 'real' friendship.
Hold onto the fact that you are the better person who did a great thing by sharing your experience and knowledge.

AletaObrien said...

*hugs* I'm so sorry you felt that way. You were helpful and I know if someone else were to come to you and ask for help, you'd offer the same again. Because you're a good hearted person :) Know that you are appreciated, sometimes people just forget to say the words "thank you"