Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 Months for the Little Boys!

FIVE months have gone by already?  Everyone says it goes by in an instant and it really does!  It seems like yesterday I met these little guys.  My friend is almost 38 weeks pregnant and we chatted about the birth when she was over yesterday.  Immediately after I gave birth, I swore I would never do that again but just thinking about how amazing birth is kinda makes me want to do it again... but not anytime soon.
Elliott and Oliver- 5 Months

Everything is going just as well as it can be around here.  The boys are sleeping GREAT.  Oliver generally sleeps from 9pm-6am and Elliott sleeps from 8/9pm sometimes until 8 a.m. !  Oliver lets you know the moment he wakes up.  He wants food and he wants it NOW!  Elliott on the other hand, wakes up, looks around, makes some cute noises and waits for me to pick him up.  Its really fun seeing their little personalities coming out already.  They couldn't be more different either!

I would say that the breastfeeding is going as well as it can be.  I try and nurse Elliott first thing in the morning and then right before bed.  Sometimes it will be calm enough during the day for me to nurse him a couple more times, but if not then he gets bottles the rest of the time.  I haven't tried to latch Oliver for quite some time, but I think he's done with the breastfeeding unless something miraculous happens.  We are going to see an ENT in a couple weeks to see if he has reflux because he sounds raspy when he cries, and they will also check if he's tongue tied.  He sometimes even has a hard time drinking his bottles in a timely manner, but it might be because he is the wiggliest boy I've ever met!  Seriously, his legs never seem to stop.  I'm still producing about 40 ounces of breastmilk per day thanks to the dompe.ridone that I'm taking.  I'm still taking the max dose of 80mg/day.  I could try and drop 1 pill/day and see what happens but I really don't want my supply to go down if I lower my dose of the dom.

Elliott is somewhere over 18 pounds and Oliver is over 15.  They haven't been weighed since their 4 mo. appointment, but I'm sure they are gaining weight.  Oliver fits into either 6 or 9 month clothes and Elliott is in all 9 month clothes.  Some of those are getting a little hard to snap, so I may be moving him to the 12 month before too long.  I'm glad I didn't buy season specific clothes too far in advance because they would be totally wrong!!  I did get some Christmas 2-piece pjs when they went on sale in the 12 month size, so we will see if those fit when the time comes... otherwise they might be wearing them at the wrong time of year.

Oliver is in a size 2 diaper and Elliott is in a size 3.  I tried to stretch the 2s to fit Elliott a little longer but it just wasn't working out.  The funny thing is that Char can still fit into a size 3 diaper too!  I changed her in the boys' room because it was convenient and that was all I had in there.. and it fit just fine!  Seems crazy to have to buy THREE different sizes of diapers... yikes.  I guess that's what you get with 4 in diapers all at the same time!

The boys don't have any teeth yet.  They have been drooling and sucking/chewing on their own fingers a lot so my guess would be that teething will be coming sooner rather than later.

Elliott is a tummy sleeper all the way.  Ever since he could roll, he has slept on his tummy.  Now he can roll both ways and he still ends up like that in the morning.  Oliver just started rolling over from his tummy to his back!! He just did it like 2 days ago for the first (and only) time.  He's a little late on that, but I attribute it to the fact that I don't put them on the floor as much as I could.  The girls are great with the boys, but I just don't want them to accidentally fall on the boys and hurt them.  Oliver still sleeps in something called a "resting up napper."  Its basically a portable bed type thing for babies.  He will only sleep in the elevated position, which could be due to reflux if he does indeed have it.

Oliver found his feet a few days ago and just can't get enough of them!  He loves to lay down, put his feet in the air and play with them.  Its so cute I can't hardly stand it!!  He loves to hear mommy's voice and always responds to me.  Just today we had an entire "conversation."  Elliott is definitely a mama's boy.  The other day my friend Sherrie was over and she told me that this happened... Elliott was in the Jumperoo.... I walked towards him and he gave a huge smile!! I turned to walk down the hall and he made a sad face when he saw I wasn't going to go get him.  I felt so bad!  He smiles when I just even look at him... he is such a sweet boy.
Both of the boys are grabbing at their toys in the bouncy chair and from the floor gym.  I put the floor gym in a pack n play so that they could play safely away from the big girls.  They both also love to be rocked to sleep.  Oliver pretty much insists on being rocked to sleep these days, which I really don't mind (as long as Elliott is not crying!)  He drinks his bottle and falls into a deep sleep right there in my arms.... sometimes we just sit there after he's sleeping and cuddle because everyone else is already sleeping.  Elliott likes to be rocked to sleep as well if he isn't being nursed to sleep.  Many times though, he will self soothe and go to bed on his own.

When people found out I was pregnant again, everyone told me that I wouldn't get lucky again and have such amazingly happy babies.  But I did get lucky again!!  They are truly happy babies and I know we won't think twice about having more.  (If/when the time is right.)

Elliott and Oliver

The six of us- in one picture!  Brian, Evy, Oliver, Elliott, Char and Me.






AletaObrien said...

I love reading how different your children are... it reminds me that even if they are born together, they are each little individual people. They are our genes, but they are not us. They will have their own desires, dreams, goals... pretty amazing, isn't it? :) My son loves to suck his thumb now and play with his toes, but he hasn't rolled yet. Just once :( I worry about that, but try not to worry too much.
You have such a beautiful family and you do so much for them!

Jessica said...

Thank you, Aleta. I always appreciate your thoughtful and sincere comments. I was worried about Oliver not rolling as well, but my thought its- He won't go to kindergarten not rolling, right?