Sunday, July 21, 2013

Things I love....

There are certain things that I just love about parenthood...

  • When the girls get up in the morning they have the sweetest voices.  They say "Mama" or "Mommy" in that half asleep raspy voice and I just love it
  • When Elliott just melts into me.... after he falls asleep nursing, I put him on my chest to give him a burp or get ready to put him to bed and he completely melts into my body.  
  • Breastfeeding in general.  Elliott loves to nurse.  I typically try and nurse him first thing in the morning and right before bed because those are the times when I can let him BF as long as he wants because the girls are in bed.  
  • Watching the girls give their brothers hugs and kisses.  If I do nurse Elliott during the day, Charlotte often comes up onto the couch and gives her brother the sweetest kisses on the head.  She's so gentle and does it so lovingly.  These boys are lucky to have such great big sisters!
  • Rocking my baby boys to sleep.  The day is so full of chaos and its so nice to have a few quiet moments after the girls go to sleep.  I never rocked them to sleep, but I often find myself rocking Oliver to sleep and then nursing Elliott to sleep.  I felt like I never had "time" to rock the girls to sleep, and they self soothed so they didn't really ever need it, but my little boys do.  
  • Spending time just with my big girls.  It has become apparent that they need some alone time with mommy.  This week I took them to the park, and took them to story time without their brothers.  I have the luxury of having Brian home during the week so its possible to just take the girls out.
  • People's reaction to us having two sets of twins.  It just doesn't get old seeing the look on peoples' faces when they find out we have four under two.  
  • To see my big girls smile.  There's nothing more rewarding to see your kids faces light up.  Sometimes its because you give them a treat, or when one of their big girl friends come over to visit and play with them.  I just love seeing them get so excited!!
  • Hearing the girls say a new word.  These girls surprise me every single day with the things they pick up. The way Evy says "sleeping" is just the cutest thing ever.  If Char is still sleeping, she sometimes says "Shashi seeping?" and its just adorable!!  They have both just started saying "Ollie" for Oliver.  Adorable.
  • Watching the boys smile and discover new things!  Oliver gives me the cutest smile when I talk to him or play with him.  Elliott gives me the happiest giggles I've ever heard!  They love the sound of mommy's voice.

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