Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brian's SURPRISE 30th Birthday Party!

I threw Brian a surprise birthday party last weekend.  I couldn't have done it without our friends Nick and Sherrie!!!  They came up with a plan to get him out of the house for a few hours and Sherrie and her girls helped me finish cleaning the house and do all of the shopping.  Pulling off a party at your own house is no easy task!! Especially when you don't normally clean the house that much and all of the sudden you are like cleaning bathrooms and doing crazy things like that :)

Brian really had no idea about the party even though he says that he was suspicious of random things I did.  But I think I was pretty clever! AND a good secret keeper for once.  I am usually terrible with secrets.

Waiting for the guest of honor to arrive

Sitting on the princess chair? :)

Me with my little Charlotte

Little Miss Evy

Playing with the chair

We can hear the birthday boy outside!

Come on dad just get here already!!

Charlotte's first taste of a Dorito

Evy got to try one too

Evy with her daddy



Char is not sure what she thinks of her princess chair!


Blowing out the candle!

Banging on chairs is fun!!


Evy is a very social girl!

Charlotte stole her sister's bottle!

The guys

The girls' 11 month bear pictures!!

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Aspgriswold said...

Looks like so much fun! What a beautiful family you have!! :) :)