Monday, October 17, 2011

Bath Time!

I was trying to wait until both Char & Evy's umbilical cords fell off to give them their first "official" bath but I just couldn't wait anymore!  The smell of formula that dribbles down their chins doesn't smell that great.  Breast milk doesn't smell foul and when actually nursed, they don't dribble either. 

Char & Evy are fraternal twins and sometimes they couldn't be more different.  Char seemed to absolutely love her bath time while her sister was in tears the whole time. 
Charlotte- enjoying her bath!

Evy- not enjoying her bath time! (I call her cranky pants!)

Char & Evy
My brother's fiancee gave us these super cute robes at the baby shower.  They have monkeys embroidered on them.  They are supposed to be for 0-9 months but as you can see they are a little big for the closer to 0 size. They are still cute though. =)

Daddy drying off Charlotte

Yesterday I went to the grocery store by myself. I had no belly to bring along and no twins there with me.  I have to say it was actually pretty strange not getting stared at when I went out of the house. For so long I had a HUGE belly and random strangers would just come up to me and ask when I was due or when I was going to "pop."  I thought that I didn't like talking to strangers but yesterday I really missed it.  I hadn't been anywhere seriously "alone" in months and felt kinda lonely.  I was in line at the deli counter and Brian texted me this picture.

Char & Evy
He put the caption "Dreaming of Mommy" with the text message.
I honestly almost cried right there in line at the deli counter!  Brian always does little things that make me so happy.  What an amazing husband and daddy.

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