Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Sleep for this Twin Mama

I have officially entered into that "completely exhausted" phase of motherhood.  Its funny though because I look at the girls' precious faces and the tired seems to escape me.  I wanted to be a mama for so long that I don't even care how tired I am and how bad I look because I haven't showered, put on make up or done anything with my hair.  I am so thankful that they am here and the less that I sleep the more time I am spending with my little ones.  Thank goodness for coffee is all I have to say! =)

Evy (in pink) and Char (in polka dots) sleeping in their bassinet today.  Yes, you are correct- there is no sheet in there. Char peed through her diaper, two blankets, and sheet last night but I was way too tired to get a new one out and put it in there. 

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Cori said...

They are so precious! I am glad you are able to enjoy these moments, even though you are completely exhausted! I can't even imagine! You are a "Super Mama"!