Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pregnancy in Review and Professional Maternity Pics!

Total length of Pregnancy: 38 weeks and 1 day

Total weight gained: 52 lbs

Total weight of the babies: 13lbs 3oz!

How long it took to lose the baby weight: About 2 weeks!  Currently (3 weeks after the birth) I am only up 2lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Food cravings: During the 1st trimester I craved mac & cheese!  During the final couple of weeks it was orange soda.

Morning sickness: NONE! 

Food aversions: Meat of all kinds!  The only meat I could eat for weeks was bacon. 

What I miss the most: Feeling the babies moving around and wondering what they would look like

Hardest part: The last couple of weeks of the pregnancy..... I was HUGE!  Also, Baby B (Evelyn) had some body part stuck in my ribs.... I think it was her foot!  In fact, my ribs still hurt in that spot now when I sit a certain way!

Scariest part: At about 8 weeks or so I had a bleeding episode.  I was so afraid that it was all over.  When I went in for the ultrasound and saw their beating hearts I was the happiest person ever!  It was a huge sigh of relief... but honestly I never stopped worrying.

Something I thought I wouldn't miss: Strangers talking to me.  At the time I didn't like it when people would randomly ask me when I was going to pop.  Now when I go out by myself nobody talks to me!  Its very strange.  However, when I do go out with the babies EVERYBODY talks to me! 

Keeping the names a secret- am I glad?:  I am SO glad that we kept the girls' names a secret during the pregnancy.  It made it much more special to surprise everyone with their names.  It was really fun to finally say them out loud too! 

Favorite maternity outfit:  I have two actually.... 1.) The orange shirt that I wore in a lot of the maternity pictures that I took.  2.) A black dress that my mom bought for me... its in the pictures that we took at Alex & Mary Lee's wedding. 

Overall feeling: I really loved being pregnant!  It was a very long and hard journey for me to become pregnant and I was so lucky to have an easy, uneventful pregnancy.  I really did not have any morning sickness and I did not end up on bed rest.  I worked up until about 35 weeks and felt really pretty good.  I didn't have any back pain at all either which I was pretty shocked about.  Yes, I may have complained a bit during the pregnancy (who doesn't, right?) but I truly enjoyed every part of it.  The ultrasounds were so cool and they really helped me bond with the girls before they were even born.  I think part of me realizes that these may be my only babies so I wanted to be thankful for every step in the journey.  Although infertility is horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, it helped me to be thankful for these girls in a way that I can't fully describe.  They are my miracle babies! I love them in a way I didn't even know was possible.

Brian always liked talking to the babies.

This is my favorite orange shirt!


 Mama & Papa

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