Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Week in Twinland

I have been trying to get out of the house more lately as I feel like I am going stir crazy being at home all the time.    Brian and I took the twins to Target yesterday and I must say it was a little nutty.  I pushed the twins and tried to man the coupons while Brian pushed the grocery cart around.  We would have gotten out of the store a little quicker had people not come up and talk to us every 5 minutes.  It was very cute though to see everybody oogling over the babies.  There were even two teenage boys that came up to us and told us how adorable the babies are..... Teenagers usually don't give two hoots about babies so yeah, it was funny. 

While at Target we both got flu shots.  I have never gotten one in my life, but the pediatrician really recommended strongly that Brian and I both get one this year to help protect the babies since they can't get one until they are six months old. 

This week the girls' personalities are really starting to come out.  Evelyn is always the first to tell you that she is hungry.  She has a crazy shrieking cry that could wake the dead.  Charlotte is pretty calm and chill like her daddy and doesn't really cry as much as her sister.  She will let you know when she's hungry or just wants to be held.  Both girls have been more awake lately and have been making some of the funniest noises and faces.  Charlotte really stares at things and crinkles up her face a lot.  Both girls are really gaining weight and becoming chunky monkeys!  I just love to kiss and smush their chubby cheeks. 

Charlotte likes to show off her shoulders

Charlotte likes to sleep like this and I think its super funny!

Evelyn fell asleep in the boppy.

Evy in her "little sister" outfit.  She is bigger than Charlotte but was born second.

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