Sunday, April 29, 2012

One sick family

This past week every single one of us has been sick.  I think I may have even heard the dog sneeze. 

It pretty much started with Brian last Saturday.... He felt awful! His throat hurt, he had the chills, body ache, all of it.  He felt so crappy he even went to Urgent Care so that they could tell him to rest and drink lots of fluids.  I really hoped that the girls wouldn't catch whatever it was, but they did.  Tuesday, Charlotte's eye looked pretty bad and her nose was like a faucet!  When she woke up she had boogies just all over her face.... I felt so bad for her!  She kept getting progressively worse so when I got home on Tuesday we called the ped's office and they said to bring her in on Wednesday.  I got a sub Wednesday afternoon so that Brian and I could take them to the doctor.  This was their first "sick" visit instead of their usual well checks every couple of months. 

When the girls woke up on Wednesday, Charlotte's eye looked okay but Evy's was super crusted shut and swollen.  It looked terrible!  The doctor confirmed our suspicions that she had pink eye and gave her some drops for it.  She also had a double ear infection and go antibiotics for that.  I thought she would resist drinking the meds, but they probably tasted as good as they smelled! I think it was strawberry.... or something fruity anyways.  Charlotte just had a cold so she didn't have to take any meds.... we just had to watch her eyes and make sure she didn't get the pink eye from her sister. 

Its now Sunday and the girls are feeling much better!  They were definitely off when they were sick and pretty much slept all day then.  They even missed one of their feedings because they slept right though it!  But, I can't say I have much of an appetite when I'm sick either.  They still have runny noses but are back to being their happy little baby selves.  Brian said that Evy cried all day one of the days and just wanted to be held all day.  Can't say I blame her for that either!  Daddy gives some pretty nice hugs :)

I thought I was going to get missed with all of this since I was a little under the weather last week.... boy was I wrong!  Friday night I started coming down with a sore throat and Saturday I just didn't rest enough.  I had to go to the mall and pick up my bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding and I ended up spending all day at the mall with a friend.  I had a lot of fun... but really paid for it today.  I have been super tired all day long and really didn't get very much done around the house.  I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry and clean up the kitchen but that's pretty much it. 

Tomorrow the whole school is going to a movie in celebration of Earth Day so I thought about calling in sick because I won't have to really make any sub plans, but I think I should probably save my day (especially because I only have 1 left) in case the girls are sick again and I have to take them to the doc.   I am so ready for summer.  Only 15 more school days left... and 14 with students!  Six of those 14 will be spent doing Cinco de Mayo activities, the last day of school is full of assemblies, yearbook signing, etc., the movie will take all day tomorrow, and I will be having a sub one day at one of my schools to go to the 6th grade IB exhibition all day at the other school so that leaves me with about 5 days left to actually teach!  Those days are also full of field trips and other random things so I will be lucky to see each of my 22 classes 1-2 more times after their "fiestas" are finished with.  Things really get nutty towards the end of the year.  My boss has also said that I can bring the girls in to school on the last day!  That will be so fun!!  I think Brian is going to come too.... should be a nice day.

Speaking of Brian, he has been trying to figure out all of his crazy schedules.  He finally got confirmation of when the classes he is taking are going to be so he can figure out the classes he will be teaching in the fall.  One of them is for 3 hours per week for 10 weeks.... on Saturdays.  Its great that we won't have to find childcare for that one but it also cuts into our family time since weekends are all we have once school starts up again.  Its only part of one day though so I think it will be okay.  Most of the classes he is taking are at night too so I can watch the girls instead of someone else.... but for the times we do need a nanny, we just found out that we might have to find someone else.  Brian is friends with the nanny's husband (that's how we found her in the first place) and I guess he is saying that she may have to get a full time job.  I really hope they change their mind so that she can keep watching the girls next fall, but I understand if she can't . I just know that she is great with kids, puts up with the dog, and really does care about taking good care of them.  Its hard to just let anyone in your house and trust them with your kids when you aren't home.  I feel guilty enough having to leave them home and if its with a stranger I am going to feel even worse about it.  I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there... and maybe we won't have to!

As a totally random side note, the pediatrician said we had to feed the girls some type of cereal every day so that they could get their iron, but the oatmeal we keep giving them is making them totally constipated.  Spinach has a lot of iron in it, right? Yup! We tried that today!  I thought I could mask the taste by combining a generous handful of fresh spinach with a small avocado and some formula to thin it out.  You should have seen the look on Charlotte's face when I tried to feed it to her.  It was priceless!  She was pushing it out with her tongue and pretty much gagging on it because she hated it so much!  I ended up mixing in some apple sauce with hers to mask the taste and she did eat a lot of it.... but by the end of the bowl she was like, "Are you kidding me?" LOL   Evy loved it (without the applesauce) and ate all of hers.  She pretty much likes everything that we make for her.  I think next time I will do the spinach with some mangoes or bananas or applesauce to sweeten it up a bit for Char.  Hopefully she will come around!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I love it when the girls laugh! It has to be one of the best sounds ever! Lately, the girls have been sticking their hands in my mouth and when I pretend to eat them they burst out laughing!!  I didn't think it was that funny, but to them I supposed it was! 

Charlotte is also super intrigued by my necklace.  When I hold her facing me, she likes to play with my necklace in a very gentle way.  You'd think that she would just grab and pull but she just touches it and stares intently.  While she is playing with it I tell her that on the necklace there is a mommy and baby hugging each other with two pink stones for her and her sister. (Its a mother and child necklace that Brian got me for Christmas.)  I take every opportunity I can to tell the girls how much they were loved even before they were born.

I cannot say enough how great of sleepers the girls are!  I think I mentioned this before, but I just feel so lucky.  Sometimes I feed them and they fall asleep in my arms and other nights they cry and want to be put down so they can put themselves to sleep.  They still sleep together since I have no reason to separate them and have become dependent on their blankies to fall asleep.  They like to have blankey in one hand and thumb in the mouth and the sandman comes instantly.  I just hope that this amazing sleep pattern continues when they get older.  I will probably need even more sleep when they aren't napping as much.  Today they took three naps and that is pretty typical.  But, even if they wake up from their naps they just play with their toys and roll around until its time to eat or whatever.  For the most part they are very happy and calm (unless they aren't feeling well)!

Evy & Char

I'm also very happy that the girls' bald spots on the back of their head are almost gone.  Their hair is not as thick there as the rest of their head but its getting there!  That spot looks so silly!!!

The countdown is on.... 4 weeks (19 days with students and 1 work day) until I am off for the summer!! Wahoo!!

Today we Skyped with Brian's parents.  Charlotte tried to take over the computer!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter..... 6 months....

We had a pretty low key Easter.  Since all of our family is out of state, we decided to have a few friends over for dinner.  We cooked the usual ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. 

The day before, we went to the mall and saw signs for pictures with the Easter Bunny and just couldn't resist!  I guess I'm glad that I dressed them in something cute!

Evy (left) Easter Bunny (center) and Charlotte (right)

The Easter Bunny sent us a nice basket full of awesome stuff!!!

Basket from the Easter Bunny

The girls look so cute in their hats!!

The girls had their 6 month checkup on Friday, April 13th!  They are getting so big.... I just can't believe it.  


Height: 26 1/4 inches 70th percentile
Weight: 18lbs 10oz 91st percentile
Head: 45.8 cm <97th percentile

Her head continues to grow bigger and bigger!  The doc said that she is just "making her own growth curve" and that we shouldn't be worried about it as long as her growth actually makes a curve and doesn't just go up and up.


Height: 26 inches 55th percentile
Weight: 16lbs 15oz 74th percentile
Head: 43.4cm 91st percentile

I was so curious to see how the measured up compared to one another... it is becoming increasingly more obvious that Charlotte was quite a bit smaller than Evy. 

6 months!! Evy & Char

My two wiggly worms

They were really more interested in trying to eat the bear instead of getting their picture taken! Poor Mr. Bear!

These days the girls are wearing 6-9 month clothing and eating between 6-8oz at each feeding.  I don't anticipate they will be wearing that size much longer because many of their onesies are getting tight already!! They are eating solids once per day but I am supposed to increase that pretty soon as well.  So far the favorite food is avocados!  Today, I made them a yummy combo of avocado, banana, and oatmeal.  They loved it!   I guess they are supposed to eat some type of cereal at each meal since it is iron fortified, but that's boring so I pureed their combo with 4oz of formula as well to bump up the iron content. 

They are both rolling all over the place these days.  Charlotte can even get up on all fours with her butt in the air, but she hasn't started crawling yet.  She is totally the more mobile child and I predict she will crawl and walk first.  Evy gets around okay too, but she is more content just hanging out and rolling around.  Evy was first to really be vocal and Charlotte has now caught up to her.  Charlotte likes to "blow raspberries" AKA make spitty noises a lot and Evy likes to scream to get your attention.  Its not an "I'm mad" scream.... its more of a "Pay attention to me!" type of scream.  All of their noises are pretty cute nonetheless.  They are very close to being able to sit up on their own.  They can sit for a moment or two but that's about it.  Charlotte tries to sit up on her own kind of starting on her side... its pretty cute.

They are still sleeping from 6-7pm to 6-7am.  They don't usually wake up in the middle of the night but the last couple of weeks have been different.  Evy has a cough and a runny nose and has been waking up in the middle of the night.  Its not just a little fuss either.... its a PICK ME UP NOW cry
 that means serious business.  I have just been picking her up, sucking out her nose, and holding her for a bit before I put her back down and she falls asleep.  We had friends over the other night and neither of them would go to sleep until the house was empty.  They are used to some noise, but I guess it was just too much for them to handle.  As soon as everybody left, they fell right asleep.

They have both started to have a little bit of "stranger danger."  When people look at them they like to get right in their faces and talk to them..... well they don't like that I guess!  They have started screaming bloody murder when our friends that they don't know get too close.  Its not terrible yet and I can only imagine that it will get worse.  As long as they will let the nanny take care of them without any trouble, we are good.

So, in the last few weeks they have started eating a lot of different foods as I mentioned before.  Well, bananas are easy because I don't have to cook them... I can just throw them in the baby food pureer thingey and off we go.  FYI, too many bananas will make baby constipated and very cranky.  The other day pureed up a whole banana intending on feeding it to both girls.  Char was sleeping so I just fed Evy.... and she ate the whole banana!  I am supposed to give them the same food for 3-5 days to see if they have a reaction so I fed her bananas for 3ish days.  Well, she cried and cried and cried until we figured out that she was constipated and miserable.  I quit feeding her the bananas, gave her some prune puree and got things moving again.  (But not before she had super hard poo poo and a terrible diaper rash.)  We called the pediatrician since the butt rash got super bad and they gave us a miracle solution for clearing it up!

Malox or Mylanta (not mint flavor)
Lotrimin AF (not the ultra)
Polysporin (only for open sores)

We couldn't find the Mylantaaquaphor to the other stuff) and it worked like a charm! I highly recommend this mixture if you have some serious diaper problems. 

I wasn't really sure when AF would show up again so I made an appointment with the REs office to get things started again.  I was supposed to go in on Friday for BW and an U/S to see where my body was in the cycle to see if I could get provera to start things but AF started by itself on Tuesday!  I was a little surprised because I hadn't had a period since January of 2011!  But, it did save me a few bucks from having to go get tests done.  I started BCPs and am currently taking the BCPs, Metformin, PNVs, Synthroid, and Folgard.  Geez, seems like a lot of meds to be taking while in the holding pattern if you will.  The plan is still to go for a transfer sometime in early July.  If it works, great! If it doesn't.... I have to tell myself that I won't be upset because I know it will take us a while again to have money for another cycle.  We have 7 frozen embryos (some from day 5 and some from day 6.) The RE seems optimistic so I guess I should be too.  Its just hard to have faith in the frozen transfers because those have turned into so much heartbreak in the past.  We had positive HPTs both frozen transfers.... and 2 m/cs.  Ok! Enough about that.  Here's some pictures from the past month or so!

Grandma and Evy

Grandma and Charlotte



Grandma and Evy

Sleepy girls... Charlotte and Evelyn

Char & Evy



This is how they typically like to sleep... Evy with her thumb and her blankey and Charlotte on her tummy

Sometimes they fall asleep in the funniest positions!

Charlotte was way more into playing with her oatmeal than eating it

I wanna play with mine too! Evy
Let's play!! Char and Evy

I'm going to get you kitty!! Charlotte

"Cute girl seeking adorable little boy.  Must have hair and like strained veggies.  No mama's boys please!"  Charlotte
Just playing with toys and watching the doggie!  Evy and Charlotte



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break!

Last week was Spring Break for my school district and I must say that the week was AMAZING! The first part of the week I pretty much just hung out and didn't do much of anything.  It felt great to just stay home and hang out with the girls.  Tuesday I went out for a bit and got a pedicure with my friend from work.  My toes were in desperate need of some TLC!  I guess they have been neglected since the kiddos were born.

Wednesday I picked up my mom and sister from the airport.  They came and stayed for six days!  Yes, that seems like a lot of time but it really went by quickly.  We pretty much just hung out for most of the day on Wednesday.

On Thursday we all went hiking at Red Rocks.  My sister and I took the girls in front carriers and my mom walked with the dog.  It took us until about noon to get ready to go, but it was worth it.  The trail we took was 1.4 miles and felt like just the right distance.  That day was very HOT outside too!  We had record temperatures last week..... temps in the 80s! Can you believe it? Colorado in March!  (Today was back to reality though... it snowed a few inches!)
Emily with Charlotte, my Mom, Me and Evy

Friday we went to this Flea Market type place with a Farmer's Market.  It was pretty fun, but a lot of the booths weren't open since it was Friday.  I had a huge craving for the kettle corn that they usually have but that booth wasn't open and I pretty much had a fit like a little kid LOL.  They also sell these drinks there that are FABULOUS! They are called Micheladas... I had never heard of them before but  its basically a Bloody Mary made with beer.  They put yummy seasoning salt in it and you add your own hot sauce.  Sounds weird but tastes awesome.  They had one booth there that had lots of awesome clothes.  I think I spent about ten bucks and got an express dress and a couple of really cute tops!  I kind of had to stuff myself into the dress but that's okay... hopefully it will fit eventually.

Saturday we went out for lunch at Noodles and then went to the thrift store.  We all loooove thrift stores!  Most of the stuff is junk but there are usually a few treasures!  I ended up with a shirt, pair of shorts stil with tags on them, a baby gate, and a cute plate and cup set with Winnie the Pooh on it. 

Sunday again we just hung out at the house.  My mom had to get some homework done and I decided to do some yard work.  I think my neighbors were getting sick of looking at all the leaves in my front yard gardens so I took care of that.  I guess I was a little busy this fall to do any raking in the yard LOL. 

Sunday evening my sister and I took the girls' six month photos!  They turned out really great.  I'm sad that Brian wasn't here so that he could be in them... but maybe at 9 months we can get another nice family photo. 

Evy and Mama

Evy and Mama

Charlotte and Evelyn

Charlotte- Waiting patiently in the stroller

Char and Evy... BFFs




Charlotte and Mama

Charlotte and Mama


Evy and Char with their Mama

Me with the girls again!

Milk time! Evy

Evy and Char with their auntie Emily

Evy and Char with their auntie Emily

Evy was fast asleep when we got back from the park.... little did she know I was going to wake up to take more pictures of her!



Serious face... Charlotte


Char again

So happy! Even after I woke her up! Evy

Evy is so fascinated by her feet right now.  Its just so adorable!