Saturday, April 21, 2012


I love it when the girls laugh! It has to be one of the best sounds ever! Lately, the girls have been sticking their hands in my mouth and when I pretend to eat them they burst out laughing!!  I didn't think it was that funny, but to them I supposed it was! 

Charlotte is also super intrigued by my necklace.  When I hold her facing me, she likes to play with my necklace in a very gentle way.  You'd think that she would just grab and pull but she just touches it and stares intently.  While she is playing with it I tell her that on the necklace there is a mommy and baby hugging each other with two pink stones for her and her sister. (Its a mother and child necklace that Brian got me for Christmas.)  I take every opportunity I can to tell the girls how much they were loved even before they were born.

I cannot say enough how great of sleepers the girls are!  I think I mentioned this before, but I just feel so lucky.  Sometimes I feed them and they fall asleep in my arms and other nights they cry and want to be put down so they can put themselves to sleep.  They still sleep together since I have no reason to separate them and have become dependent on their blankies to fall asleep.  They like to have blankey in one hand and thumb in the mouth and the sandman comes instantly.  I just hope that this amazing sleep pattern continues when they get older.  I will probably need even more sleep when they aren't napping as much.  Today they took three naps and that is pretty typical.  But, even if they wake up from their naps they just play with their toys and roll around until its time to eat or whatever.  For the most part they are very happy and calm (unless they aren't feeling well)!

Evy & Char

I'm also very happy that the girls' bald spots on the back of their head are almost gone.  Their hair is not as thick there as the rest of their head but its getting there!  That spot looks so silly!!!

The countdown is on.... 4 weeks (19 days with students and 1 work day) until I am off for the summer!! Wahoo!!

Today we Skyped with Brian's parents.  Charlotte tried to take over the computer!

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