Sunday, April 29, 2012

One sick family

This past week every single one of us has been sick.  I think I may have even heard the dog sneeze. 

It pretty much started with Brian last Saturday.... He felt awful! His throat hurt, he had the chills, body ache, all of it.  He felt so crappy he even went to Urgent Care so that they could tell him to rest and drink lots of fluids.  I really hoped that the girls wouldn't catch whatever it was, but they did.  Tuesday, Charlotte's eye looked pretty bad and her nose was like a faucet!  When she woke up she had boogies just all over her face.... I felt so bad for her!  She kept getting progressively worse so when I got home on Tuesday we called the ped's office and they said to bring her in on Wednesday.  I got a sub Wednesday afternoon so that Brian and I could take them to the doctor.  This was their first "sick" visit instead of their usual well checks every couple of months. 

When the girls woke up on Wednesday, Charlotte's eye looked okay but Evy's was super crusted shut and swollen.  It looked terrible!  The doctor confirmed our suspicions that she had pink eye and gave her some drops for it.  She also had a double ear infection and go antibiotics for that.  I thought she would resist drinking the meds, but they probably tasted as good as they smelled! I think it was strawberry.... or something fruity anyways.  Charlotte just had a cold so she didn't have to take any meds.... we just had to watch her eyes and make sure she didn't get the pink eye from her sister. 

Its now Sunday and the girls are feeling much better!  They were definitely off when they were sick and pretty much slept all day then.  They even missed one of their feedings because they slept right though it!  But, I can't say I have much of an appetite when I'm sick either.  They still have runny noses but are back to being their happy little baby selves.  Brian said that Evy cried all day one of the days and just wanted to be held all day.  Can't say I blame her for that either!  Daddy gives some pretty nice hugs :)

I thought I was going to get missed with all of this since I was a little under the weather last week.... boy was I wrong!  Friday night I started coming down with a sore throat and Saturday I just didn't rest enough.  I had to go to the mall and pick up my bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding and I ended up spending all day at the mall with a friend.  I had a lot of fun... but really paid for it today.  I have been super tired all day long and really didn't get very much done around the house.  I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry and clean up the kitchen but that's pretty much it. 

Tomorrow the whole school is going to a movie in celebration of Earth Day so I thought about calling in sick because I won't have to really make any sub plans, but I think I should probably save my day (especially because I only have 1 left) in case the girls are sick again and I have to take them to the doc.   I am so ready for summer.  Only 15 more school days left... and 14 with students!  Six of those 14 will be spent doing Cinco de Mayo activities, the last day of school is full of assemblies, yearbook signing, etc., the movie will take all day tomorrow, and I will be having a sub one day at one of my schools to go to the 6th grade IB exhibition all day at the other school so that leaves me with about 5 days left to actually teach!  Those days are also full of field trips and other random things so I will be lucky to see each of my 22 classes 1-2 more times after their "fiestas" are finished with.  Things really get nutty towards the end of the year.  My boss has also said that I can bring the girls in to school on the last day!  That will be so fun!!  I think Brian is going to come too.... should be a nice day.

Speaking of Brian, he has been trying to figure out all of his crazy schedules.  He finally got confirmation of when the classes he is taking are going to be so he can figure out the classes he will be teaching in the fall.  One of them is for 3 hours per week for 10 weeks.... on Saturdays.  Its great that we won't have to find childcare for that one but it also cuts into our family time since weekends are all we have once school starts up again.  Its only part of one day though so I think it will be okay.  Most of the classes he is taking are at night too so I can watch the girls instead of someone else.... but for the times we do need a nanny, we just found out that we might have to find someone else.  Brian is friends with the nanny's husband (that's how we found her in the first place) and I guess he is saying that she may have to get a full time job.  I really hope they change their mind so that she can keep watching the girls next fall, but I understand if she can't . I just know that she is great with kids, puts up with the dog, and really does care about taking good care of them.  Its hard to just let anyone in your house and trust them with your kids when you aren't home.  I feel guilty enough having to leave them home and if its with a stranger I am going to feel even worse about it.  I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there... and maybe we won't have to!

As a totally random side note, the pediatrician said we had to feed the girls some type of cereal every day so that they could get their iron, but the oatmeal we keep giving them is making them totally constipated.  Spinach has a lot of iron in it, right? Yup! We tried that today!  I thought I could mask the taste by combining a generous handful of fresh spinach with a small avocado and some formula to thin it out.  You should have seen the look on Charlotte's face when I tried to feed it to her.  It was priceless!  She was pushing it out with her tongue and pretty much gagging on it because she hated it so much!  I ended up mixing in some apple sauce with hers to mask the taste and she did eat a lot of it.... but by the end of the bowl she was like, "Are you kidding me?" LOL   Evy loved it (without the applesauce) and ate all of hers.  She pretty much likes everything that we make for her.  I think next time I will do the spinach with some mangoes or bananas or applesauce to sweeten it up a bit for Char.  Hopefully she will come around!

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Hi. And thanks for stopping by. Beautiful little girls! I always wanted twins.