Friday, May 11, 2012

Damn you BCPs

I think these BCPs are making me extra cranky and emotional.  Or, they are the excuse that I have come up with for my rude behavior.

Today when I got home from work I found my Mother's day present from Brian and the girls. He bought one of those kits from Michael's where you form a little clay thing and put the girls' hand prints on it.  It was very sweet, but I wasn't expecting to find them just sitting there.  I also got unnecessarily upset after I looked at them and they sort of looked like a mess.  The hand prints are smeary (and Brian's fingerprints are all over Evy's hand) the writing on them looks sloppy and the holes for the ribbon are off center.  I don't know why I have to be so OCD over certain things and why I can't just appreciate that he did something nice, but I guess certain things just bug me.  I feel really bad and want to absolutely love them, but I also kinda want to go out and get new kits so that I can re-do them to look neater. 

It has just been a combination of things lately I suppose.  It has been crazy at work lately.... the art teacher and I share a room and are both getting kicked out since we have to hire another classroom teacher and there are no rooms left.  Its a pain in the ass to pack up all of your crap and move rooms.  Not to mention, in the fall I will have to unpack all of those boxes and re-organize my new classroom (that I will be sharing with the music teacher.)  There is just way too much going on during the next week at work that I just feel like calling in sick for.  The last week is such a waste anyways.... I will be teaching the kids how to Salsa dance (which is fun) but it also becomes all about "babysitting" the kids for the classroom teacher while they come to Spanish.

My brother's wedding is also coming up and we are trying to figure out our accommodations while we are there. At first we were going to stay at Brian's parents house to save money, but we have now decided to stay at a hotel to save drama.  It will just be easier that way.  We did that over Christmas and it worked out pretty well (with the exception that the hotel room was super small.)  But, they had a nice lobby area by the pool to hang out at with friends and family. 

FET is still in the works.  I ordered all of my medications and the total for my meds was only $199.00!  It was going to be over $700 but my insurance actually covered a lot so I am pretty thrilled about that.  I just hope my mood improves and I'm not so stressed when the time the FET rolls around.  I really think that staying stress free helps those little embryo babies!

Ok, Charlotte is telling me its time to get off the computer.  She is on the floor pulling at my pants and smiling at me!! She is getting very mobile very fast!!  Evy is also having fun rolling around on the floor and looking up at the fish tank.  I think she likes all the pretty colors. 


Jenn said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I am a fellow twin mom of girls (although mine are almost 13, I didn't know I was having twins until 36wks pregnant). I had to laugh about your paragraph and the handprints. I would feel the same way & probably redo them too. Those special memories are ones ya want done right as you can never recapture them, so I understand. ;)
From Treasuring Life's Blessings

Infertile Goddess said...

Hi there! Just found your blog!! Praying round two goes well for you!!! Looking forward to reading about it! We just did our 1st FET after 2's hoping!!!