Sunday, September 30, 2012

Showing off at the party

This weekend a coworker of mine was having what she calls a "Fall Fandango."  Brian was out doing his thing with his friends so I brought the girls to the party with me.  A friend of mine rode with me as well (about a 45 minute drive) and helped me get the girls in/out of the house and helped keep an eye on them.

The girls have really been doing "new" things lately, but they sure were showing off at the party!!  Evy has taken 3 steps, but I had yet to see her just stand on her own.  Well, she did that yesterday!!  Charlotte usually just sits down instead of trying to walk over to different items (from the couch to the table that was 1-2 steps away) and yesterday she did!!

The girls really enjoyed eating their own bowl of "pub mix" snack (pretzels, rye crisps, etc.) that was sitting on the coffee table in the living room.  They just went round and round grabbing snacks out, throwing them on the floor, picking them up, eating them, etc.  At one point Charlotte had a pretzel in her mouth... she took it out and said what really sounded like, "I like this."  Two of my friends were there as witnesses and they said the same thing!  It was pretty insane!!  I can't be sure if she said that or not, but it sure sounded like she did.  :)  I guess she likes pretzels!

Charlotte and Evelyn had such a fun time.  They are not shy in the least and didn't mind people they didn't know picking them up and playing with them.  They especially liked the hostess' dad that was feeding them a puffed popcorn type snack.  They just loved all the attention they got at the party.  I brought a pack n play with the hopes that they would fall asleep, but they were still awake at 9pm when we finally left the party.  They did get a little cranky, but overall were such troopers.  I think they were having so much fun that they didn't want to go to sleep and miss out on anything.  As soon as we got into the car though, it was a snooze fest.  When we got home I brought them in, put them to bed and they didn't even put up a fight... they were soooo tired!

I get so many compliments on how well behaved the girls are.... but then everybody just says "oh give it a while and see if they are still good."  Well, its been just about a whole year and they are still the most amazing girls I have ever been around. :)  I just hope the next set is just as calm and well behaved!! :D

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Aleta said...

I'm amazed!!! Your daughters sound like sweet angels! :)