Friday, February 15, 2013

Eviction- February 21st!

I went to my weekly OB appointment yesterday and have now scheduled an eviction (induction) for the boys.  I got my cervix checked and it is still closed and not dilated at all!  I think I talked about this in my last post, but an induction is not the best possible situation for trying a VBAC.  The doctor said that he is willing to try an induction with pitocin and if I'm not dilating or the boys are not tolerating the contractions then I will have to have another c-section.  I'm really okay with whatever happens... because I just want my two healthy boys here but I am also happy that my doc is okay with giving the induction a chance.  He said its about 70/30 in favor of the VBAC so that gives me some hope.  He still did say that it would be good if I could go into labor on my own so tomorrow I am going to go walk IKEA and see if I can get things going on my own.  I did the same with the girls and it didn't work and I was already dilated at that point so I'm not super hopeful but... but its worth a try... and they have really good meatballs there!

Today I went and met with someone at the hospital from the "Birthday wishes" program.  They basically have a sheet that you fill out that says everything that you are expecting during the birthing process.  Some of the questions are like Epidural, yes or no?  Pacifiers? Breastfeeding? Donor milk or formula (if medically necessary?)  Circumcision? Visitors right after birth?  Who can be in the delivery room?

I also requested one of their "big" postpartum rooms if one is available.  Last time, there was hardly room for Brian and both of the bassinets with the babies in them!  They moved us to a larger room for our last day, and I am hoping we can just have one from the beginning.

I found it very interesting that they give you FREE donor breastmilk if the baby needs to be supplemented and you aren't making enough milk.  The lady I met with said that they won't give it to you if you are just choosing not to pump/breastfeed or just want to sleep all night instead of nursing the baby during the night.  There is a milk bank in town that they get it from where the milk is tested and pasteurized.  I really hope I can just make enough for them and not have to worry about it... so we will see.  She also said that babies born around the 37 week mark often have trouble nursing because they are just developing that sucking reflex.  I'm hopeful that they will do okay :)

On my way up to meet the woman today, I ran into a NICU nurse.  I told her that I was 36 weeks with twins and she thought it was miraculous that I was still walking around!  I'm sure they are used to only seeing teeny tiny twins and she seemed happy to know that I probably wouldn't be seeing her.

36 weeks 1 day taken yesterday on Valentine's Day!


Jill said...

Wow. Sounds like things are going well. Hope you go into labor on your own but if not hope all goes well with the induction. You look great!

Aleta said...

How nice that they give free donor milk!! Nice.

And.. you look FANTASTIC!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Wow! So happy for you!