Monday, February 11, 2013

Its the little things...

Its the little cute things that the girls do that I fear I will forget about!!

Evy calls everything a bear.  It could be a book, or whatever but if she doesn't know the name of it or can't say it then she calls it a bear.

Today I asked her, "Evy, what's in mama's tummy?" Her reply was, "Its a bear!"

I also asked the girls who made stinky in their pants today and Evy said, "Its the dog!"  Blaming the dog already for bad smells.  hmmm.  I checked their pants and it turns out that neither had anything in their pants so it must have been the dog! :D

Charlotte doesn't say a lot, but she is always listening and comprehends what you are talking about.  She knows what a shoe is and will try and put it on (literally on top of) my foot or her foot if you ask her to.

Evy loves to say "washy washy" and wash different things.  If you give her (or Char for that matter) a wet towel after eating and say washy washy, they will now wash their hands and face! Its great!!  They also took the towel into the living room today and were wiping down the floor and wiping off the table.  Evy said "Washy washy" while doing it.

Char is completely attached to her blanket!

Evy would not eat dinner tonight without her bear.  Brian took it away and she cried for like 5 minutes!  I finally gave it back to her and she was happy as a clam.  Sometimes you just have to give in... What's the harm in eating with a bear?  I can always wash it.

Both girls just LOVE petting the cat and the dog.  We have been working on petting the dog/cat/whoever "nice" so hopefully they will be nice to their brothers too.  Evy says kitty in the cutest way she says ki-tty.

They love the song "The wheels on the bus."  They have a toy bus that plays music and it gets Evy dancing every time!

Dr. Seuss books have been in high demand lately too.  They like to bring you books, sit on your lap, and read a few pages.  Then they want down, and up, and down, and up again.

Oh, and how could I forget? I think they have a shoe obsession already... They like to dump their shoes out and just sit and play with them.  Hmmm.. I wonder who they get that from? :)


Aspgriswold said...

This is so adorable! I love what they do with their shoes!!!

Neamorfnost said...

So cute. I am even a little jealous that they are saying so many words :-)

Aleta said...

Its post like these that give me hope that motherhood isn't a terrifying thing :) I have to admit that I'm nervous, but your blog brings me a smile.

Anonymous said...

So Char is like a Charlie Brown with his blanket:).Precious:)