Sunday, February 10, 2013

Growth Scan 34w 2d (last week) and other updates...

I just updated the 30 to 33 week post with ultrasound pictures, so if you want to see those check it out!!  There is a really cute profile pic of baby A that looks just like his sister :)

I went in for my final growth scan last week!  I was 34 weeks and 2 days.  The boys were measuring right on track! A was 5lbs 13oz and B was 5lbs 11oz!  They are big boys already... I can't believe it!  I believe they were somewhere in the 55-65th percentile.  From here on out they will grow about a half pound each week  so if I go to 38 weeks they could be close to 8lbs each!! Holy Moly!! Oh and how could I forget? Both boys are HEAD DOWN!! :D

Last Saturday I went out to dinner with 3 other twin mamas that have twins about the same age as the girls.  We went downtown to the Cheese.cake Factory and took a carriage ride afterwards.  It was so much fun!! We all joked about how we got all dolled up to go on a date without our husbands! I got a lot of grief from my friends on FB because I was leaving the house, but I figure sitting in the car, at dinner and in a carriage is the same as sitting at home on my couch, right?!? I just needed to get out!  I'm not used to just hanging out at home all day and doing nothing.

Saturday night I woke up with some crazy intense pain in one of my breasts.  It hurt so bad I couldn't even lay on that side or pick up the girls!  I got a fever, the chills, fatigue, and just an overall crappy feeling.  I thought I was coming down with the flu or something.  I felt so crappy that I made Brian call the on-call doc and see if I should go in.  The doc he talked to said to just call on Monday morning and make an appointment for the morning... so I did!  When I got to the office, the doc checked out my breast and it was bright red with a mass under the skin.  You should have seen her reaction.... it was like I had aliens in there or something.  It looked so bad she called in another doc to come look at it too.  They both agreed that it was a skin infection and that I should take some antibiotics to clear it up.  Thank goodness they worked... and fast!

They checked it out again on Wed morning when I was there for my weekly NST and exam.  It looked much better and they said to continue the antibiotics to clear it up completely.  The boys' heart rates checked out just fine on the NST and I believe my cervix is still closed... or maybe 1cm dilated.  They have a hard time checking it because I have a tipped uterus or something and my cervix is "way back there."  Those exams are no fun, let me tell you.

So Wednesday night I woke up with some crazy itching... especially on my hands and feet.  I ended up getting up at 2am taking a shower and watching tv because I couldn't go back to sleep.  Brian made me call in the morning because he couldn't stand me sitting there itching.  I talked to one of the docs and she said it could be two things.. PUPPS or cholestasis of pregnancy.  The latter can be dangerous for the babies so they had me come in for some blood work and gave me some meds to fix the problem if that was in fact the problem.  The doc said that if the meds they gave me don't work to cure the itching then I probably don't have that.... and the itching isn't going away so I think I'm in the clear.  I can take benadryl also to help, but it makes you drowsy so I just take it at night so I'm not up all night itching.  

I think that's about it for now.  The doc says that if I go into labor that he won't try to stop it.  I am 35 weeks and 4 days.  I haven't had too many contractions lately either.  I am now supposed to look for the 511 as the doc said.  Contractions 5 minutes apart lasting for 1 minute each for 1 hour or more.  Good thing I have a contraction app on my phone now.  It counts the duration and time in between.  Now to just get my hospital bag packed... :)


Aspgriswold said...

I am so happy for you! Good job cooking those babies. 5lbs is such a great size already!!

Amanda said...

You are doing fantastic!!!

Aleta said...

Wow! Sounds like everything is going well. I hope the medicine helps. And the itchy feeling is icky, hope that clears up too. I'm back home after 4 days in the hospital because of blood pressure problems. They are scheduling c section for Monday, week from today.