Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Schedule

Our schedule has been a mess for a really long time, and I finally decided that after the time change, I was going to try and get things a little bit more streamlined so that I can have a predictable time each day for what's going to happen.  Before, some days I would get some downtime and other days not so much.  I was pretty tired of it, so I did a little bit of research and this is what we have been doing lately!

4-5:00 a.m.: Boys bottle (Elliott holds his own and Oliver's gets propped up on a blanket so he can drink it by himself

6:30: Boys wake up! Change diapers and put them in the jumperoo/exersaucer

6:45: Pump for about 45 minutes

7:30: Girls wake up! Change diapers and get them up (If the girls happen to be up before I pump, I get them up and we watch some T.V. while I pump)

8:00: Breakfast for all 4. Usually oatmeal for the girls and some type of banana/oatmeal puree for the boys.  They also get puffs or Cheerio's.

9:00: Boys get a bottle and get put down for their first nap.  They sleep anywhere from 1-2 hours.  Pump.

12:00: Lunch for the girls. Usually they eat turkey/cheese/yogurt and milk.

1:00: Girls/Boys take a nap. Pump once they all go down. The girls sleep anywhere from 2-3 hours and the boys from 1.5-2.5 hours.  (I got super lucky the other day and EVERYONE slept for 2.5 hours!!)

5:00: Pump

5:30: Get dinner started

6:00: Eat dinner

7:00ish Girls go to bed!  Sometimes they get a bath before bed, but we have often been doing that during the middle of the day instead when we have time

7:30: Boys go to bed!  Since the time change, we have been pretty consistently getting everyone to sleep by

8:00.  Sometimes the girls stay up and chat, but that doesn't bother me any!

9/9:30: Pump one last time for at least 45 minutes before I go to sleep.

11:00: Oliver is usually up one last time before I go to sleep.... He eats about 4oz and then falls back asleep!

2:00 a.m.  Oliver is usually up again wanting to eat!

There it is... the day in the life of two 2 year olds and two 8.5 month olds!

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