Friday, January 15, 2016

Fifteen - Happy

I've felt very accomplished this week.  I got caught up on most of my sewing orders, labeled a bunch of jam and tool it to the mall, cooked more than usual,  and played lots with the kids.

Today, I went and picked up my check at the mall, took it to the bank,  and opened up a separate account just for my business stuff. When I got home, I declared we were going to the trampoline park and the kids were ecstatic!  A friend ended up joining us with her 3 kids and they all had a blast. The kids all got to burn their energy for a couple hours and I got to have some adult conversation!  We mostly talked about crafting and the kids. Oh! And she brought me fresh baked bread! (Which I just remembered is in my car!)

There was nothing amazing or spectacular  about today but it just felt like a great day.

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