Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Great day today with minimal yelling  (I know,  I know )

Boys start preschool tomorrow and we're all beyond ready. I never thought I'd send 2 year olds to school, but here we are!

Highlights of the day.... Ollie telling me his nipples  were called beans. And that they're for grown ups

A perfect stranger paying for the boys haircuts!

Going to target ALONE!

Realizing that I will be getting a break for a couple hours a week!  And time just with my girls

(Yesterday) I took Evy to the grocery store alone. It was SO much fun to spend time one on one with her and really listen to what she's saying without distractions.  That girl is ridiculously  smart, observant,  and inquisitive.  Right now she wants to know what melts and why it melts. I tried explaining water molecules moving faster and faster but we may need books for better explanations.  And why people don't melt even though they can freeze.

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