Saturday, January 16, 2016


I signed up for Influenster  a whole back. .. kind of forgot about it. Then got an email asking to take a survey to see if I fit for their product, and I did I guess!

So, today I got in the mail some Dove dry spray deodorant. Put some on and it smells pretty good!! I was tempted to try out the men's one too,  but that might be too much scent mixing lol.

Apparently you get points or something for posting on FB, IG, twitter, etc, so here I am,  telling you about my new deodorant.  I don't need a bunch of junk in the house, but I was almost out so yay for one less thing to buy! :)

Side note, who's with me here? Not sure if you're enjoying these short/random Posts but I'm sure enjoying being back and writing.... even if it's really about nothing.

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