Sunday, January 24, 2016

Twenty-Two- Connected

Its funny how even after five years, I still find infertility creeping into my life.   I have my four perfect miracles, but how they got here will never change.

I recently befriended another mom at my girls preschool.  She has a 5 year old that's in their class.  To make a long story short, she offered to drive my girls to and from school and I gladly accepted the help.  It was pretty daunting getting all 4 kids in the car, out of the car to go into the classroom, back in the car to get home.  Then the boys in the car to go pick the girls up, out of the car to go get them, back in the car to go home, and out of the car at home.  Are you tired already thinking about buckling 4 car seats that many times? Yeah, me too.  

One day when we were chatting she said something about wishing she could have more kids.  It was just a quick comment in the middle of the conversation that anyone else probably wouldn't have noticed but I was sure she had fertility issues.  Turns out that she and her husband have been trying for 3 years with no success. Shes 40 so its not super surprising, but there are many women that conceive babies at that age without issue.  Just this last Friday I invited her to a girls night out/crafting at another friend's house where we actually got to talk about things without being interrupted by 5 tiny humans.  She revealed to me that they were working on their paperwork for foster adopting an older child around their son's age or possibly a sibling group.   I'm not sure if she was scared or relieved to tell me about this, but I really wanted to tell her my story, too, so I didn't make her uncomfortable thinking I was super fertile or something because I had 4 kids.  It was a nice bonding moment, if you will, and I really give this mom a lot of credit for choosing that path.  

I shouldn't be surprised that infertility creeps up all the time, even though its not at the forefront as it once was.  Its not something I think about 24/7 anymore because I'm lucky and was able to have the family I always wanted.  Now that I'm not in that mindset anymore, I hope I can help support this friend as she goes through the ups and downs of this.  She's an amazing person for helping me out and I'd love to give to her as well. 

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